Unanswered Proposal

Friday October 15, 2010 12:23 P.M.

After dropping Brandon off in Sandy, I popped by Lynn and Kristine McGhie’s house to offer them a proposal. Before I get into what I wanted to propose, I should let you know who they are.

Both Lynn and Kristine are world-renowned in their respective fields. Lynn in interior design, and Kristine in exterior design. Lynn has decorated homes from London to San Francisco, including the homes of celebrities such as Steve Young and Robert  Redford. Kristine, for many years, was the head designer for the Temple Square gardens and had her own exterior design business before that.

Everything I have learned about interior design, I have learned from Lynn. And everything I have learned about gardening, I have learned from Kristine. They live the lifestyle Martha Stewart portrays much better than Martha does (at least in my opinion).

They are always looking for help with projects, many of which I have happily volunteered for almost two decades now.

I want to create specific blog posts related to interior design and gardening. This is why I went to them. To propose a relationship where I interview them and make posts to my blog. Also where I would help them in their gardens and other projects, and make a photographic record, which I would post.

Unfortunately, they were not home when I dropped by. But I did have my camera, and I took a few shots of Kristine’s beautiful garden.


A Dedicated Gardner Lives Within


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