Costume Fail. October 2010

Mr. Robot and Mrs. Mummy

This year for Halloween we had a complete breakdown in the costume department. McCann wanted to be a robot. No problem. A little aluminum foil and magically a costume appeared. Lily wanted to be a mummy. No problem there either. Get an old bed sheet, cut into strips, and wrap. Instant costume.

Well, the costumes were easy to make, but they were hard to keep. After about 1.5 blocks of trick-or-treating, the center of McCann’s costume disintegrated from wear and tear.  Around the same time, the middle of Lily’s costume was around her ankles and she could hardly walk. We got to our neighbor’s house and she cried and begged to have us cut it off. Thank heavens for Becka’s sewing scissors.

As many of you know, I was Jimmi Hendrix for Halloween last year. Huge success.  (See photo below).

This year I was supposed to be MJ before and my wife MJ after (she is a Caucasian). She quickly backed out of the deal, when she found how hard it was going to be to make that costume roll. Then I fell, completely messing up my face. This made it hard for me to be any MJ other than the one that was burnt during the Pepsi commercial. Of course, that was the MJ after, so  Iwas screwed.


4 thoughts on “Costume Fail. October 2010

  1. Klyde’s costume was pretty destroyed after our first (of three) parties on Saturday. I’m consoling myself that they won’t really remember anything except the “before” pictures we took. Take heart, man. That picture = huge success 2010. They’re adorable.

  2. At least you got good shots of the kids before T or T’ing. We forgot to take our camera to our H party on Friday, the 29th, so you won’t see pictures of our costumes this year — me as a doctor (Mom said I should have been a doctor because I looked GOOD in scrubs!), and mom as a cross between a pirate and a gypsy (very interesting, an eyeful!).

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