How to Make Homemade Root Beer

Last year we started a tradition where we have a party at our house on Halloween night. We call it the Cherry Lane Scare, and it is sort of an open house style event where families stop by for a few minutes in the middle of their trick-or-treating routes.

The highlight of the party is our homemade rootbeer. People come from all over the world to drink it. This year, Edward and Bella came down from from the Washington coast.

Edward and Bella

Peter Pan came all the way from Neverland (which really is not that far. It is in California).

By the way, did you know that Peter Pan married a Hershey’s Kiss and they gave birth to an albino tiger? Jesse, the cow girl from Toy Story II, came from the tri-cities area – where ever the heck that is.


Jesse the Cowgirl From Toy Story II. Notice She Has a Cup Of My Famous Root Beer

Anne of Green Gables came down from Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island. That’s in Canada, in case you didn’t know.


Ann of Green Gables

Anyway, enough bragging about the famous people that drink my root beer. Let me give you the recipe. It is quite simple.



4 gallons of water

4 oz. of root beer extract

4 lbs. of sugar

4 lbs. of dry ice



1. In a five gallon container, mix the water and sugar until the sugar is partially disolved.

2. Add rootbeer extract.

3. Add dry ice and let sit for about 30 minutes.


Tah dah! You have delicious homemade root beer. And five gallons is plenty. We had about 45 people at our party, this year,  and we only went through half of it. People were drinking it like mad dogs too. Steve Craig had about ten glasses, I swear.

We put the left overs in mason jars and took them to the neighbors that couldn’t make it.



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