A Day In the Life On Cherry Lane

6:30 A.M.

I hop in bed after working at the hospital all night. While I am asleep, Fauneil gets Lily ready and off to school, walks Emma, and studies for her mid-term test. McCann studies too, but he does it on PBSkids.org.

11:37 A.M.

Time for me to get up, so Fauneil can go to the library and get some serious studying done for her mid-term. Studying with kids around is only about 20% effective. (Or is that 2% effective?) I force McCann away from PBSkids.org, and we go outside to work on our yard. Lots to do. We spread leaves under the trees in our back yard. The leaves will break down over the winter to provide compost and nourish the soil there. I also mow the back lawn. The back yard looks fabulous now. I also work a little on a rock retaining wall on the north side of the house. I run into some pipes while digging. Dang! Another set back.

12:59 P.M.

I steal leaves from, Ryan & Mindy’s yard (my next door neighbors), because it takes two to three times the the area of land to produce enough green waste for compost for my gardens. Since I live in the city, I have no extra land and I have to be a “leaf thief” to get what I need. While I am mowing up their leaves, Mindy walks out and busts me. Dang! Caught red handed. She asks me to come into her house and film her band. She is an up-and-coming pop artist (see her on http://mindygledhill.com/). Once I get into the house, though, I realize the video is for http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/. Mr. Neilson is there to record a song with Mindy. Their jam session was great. Loved the music. Hope my videography makes their blog.

1:13 P.M.

Finished my filming at Mindy’s just in time to grab McCann and head out to pick up Lily from school. It’s early out today, so I need to get her at 1:30. On the way to pick up Lily, we meet Bat Girl. I had no idea that bat girl lived in my neighborhood. How cool is that? I know her secret identity now too. (Photo by McCann).

Also on the way to pick up Lily, we ran into my other neighbor, Andrew. After catching up with him, I find that he recently got back from a three month trip to Seattle where he designed the graphics for an Xbox game called Nomad. Who knew I had so many cool people living around me. He is a great artist, and I have hired him before to do art work for me. I talk to him about designing a logo for Cherry Lane Diaries. This should be fun. I can’t wait to start that project. (This photo is by McCann too).

1:40 P.M.

McCann takes a bunch of random photos on the way home. This kid has the photo bug like me. I think he will be a mini-me when he grows up. I never go anywhere with out a camera. Take a look at his shots. My favorites are the ones of Lily and the one with the crossing guard.



1:55 P.M.

We meet up with Fauneil at home just in time to turn around and head back to Lily’s school. Fauneil will meet with Lily’s teacher for a mini parent teacher conference, while I take the kids to the school book fair being held in the Library. We also are taking our friends Andrew and Catherine. Their mom has a doctor’s appointment, so we have agreed to let them tag along. Lily got a Magic Tree House Series book, McCann got a Skippy John Jones book, and Catherine got a Fancy Nancy book.

2:43 P.M.

After the book fair and parent teacher conference, we hung out on the play ground for a while. We bumped into many friends including Bat Girl, who did not have her mask on. I guess sometimes she is more worried about comfort than her secret identity.

One of the boys got hurt and apparently, when someone gets hurt, Andrew runs off and cries as well. Another thing I learned about Andrew: he doesn’t like to wear his shoes. I kept on finding them on the ground, on stairs and on the slide, like in the picture below.


3:14 P.M.

When we got back home, Fauneil took Emma in the back to bathe her. Not only does she stink, but she has fleas that we want to try and get rid of with this shampoo. While she was with Emma, I pulled out the homemade chili, I made last night, and we had a scrumptious snack. Just about then Andrew and Catherine’s dad came by to pick them up.

4:17 P.M.

After Andrew and Catherine left, Fauneil got ready and took off for school. Lily and McCann took a roll in the leaves. Man they got dirty. Can’t wait to get them into the bathroom, later tonight, to get them cleaned up.

5:15 P.M.

Time for Lily’s first piano lesson. Our friend Judy, who is a fabulous organist, has volunteered to teach kids in the neighborhood for free. Can’t beat that deal.

5:20 P.M.

While Lily is in her piano lesson, McCann and I raid our friend’s Leslie and Mike’s yard. We completely take over. We swung on their swings, jumped on their trampoline, and tested out their outdoor furniture. It’s a good thing they don’t mind. (Oh, and we found that gnome that everyone has been looking for.)

5:45 P.M.

McCann and I pick up Lily from her piano lesson. We walk into the room to hear Lily singing a song with Judy.

6:00 P.M.

Time for me to meet with my hair stylist. I need to discuss with her the possibility of turning my long “after-Halloween” hair into dreads. I can’t let all this time I spent growing my fro go to waste. She says it can work, so I make the decision to meet with her in about two weeks to back-comb and dread my hair.

6:30 P.M.

I bathed my dirty kids, then we made lemon silk while eating toast and jam.

7:19 A.M.

I was getting ready to put our lemon silk in the oven when the whole tray crashed to the floor. I broke two of Fauneil’s ramekins. Not a good thing.

8:30 P.M.

Ouch! The kitchen is a mess. After I put the kids to bed, I tackled this unbearable task. Took a bit, but the kitchen is now clean.

10:03 P.M.

Yay! My beautiful wife came home.  She of course she aced the test. It was a three hour test that she finished in 20 minutes, and seh got the highest score in the class with a 98%. That’s the reason I married her – for that brain of hers (well, not the only reason).

10:07 P.M.

I made another batch of lemon silk (successfully this time) while chatting with Fauneil about school and her mid-term.


12:00 A.M.

Fauneil and I hop in bed


2:59 A.M.

I was out cold, when Lily woke us up. She peed the bed. Dang! I forgot to put a pull up on her. Because she has Prader Willie Syndrome, she has not mastered the art of the potty at night. We clean her up and put her bedding in the washer. She goes to sleep with Fauneil in our bed, and I go to sleep on the couch.

3:30 A.M.

I can’t get to sleep, because Emma is in her crate scratching like a mad dog (she is a mad dog with these fleas). I take her outside and chain her to her dog run. I write on my to do list for tomorrow, “Pet’s Mart. Figure out this Emma flea thing.”

4:19 A.M.

Emma is outside setting off the light sensor. The light going off and on is keeping me awake. I would turn it off, but we have students renting our basement apartment, and the switch is located in their part of the house. It takes every ounce of energy in me to not go outside and strangle Emma with her chain. Instead, I turn on the computer and type this blog post.

5:49 A.M.

Getting off the computer to see if I can get an hour of sleep before we have to wake up and get Lily ready for school.


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