Guys and Grocery Shopping. Like Oil and Water

Some things don’t mix. Oil and water. Cats and Dogs. And sometimes, men and food shopping.

While food shopping last night, I bumped into the three guys below. Talk about the blind leading the blind. They would hold up a product and discuss it in utter confusion. They may want to stick with fast food. The good news is that they at lest had each other for support.  Unlike…

…this poor soul who was wondering the aisles alone. He too looked like he was completely confused at everything he picked up and looked at, but he had to do it all on his own. When I walked by and looked in his cart, all he had was cold cereal and frozen diners. Ouch!

I felt like I was living a live example of that Carl’s Jr’s commercial. Boy am I glad I know how to cook. I live by my motto. Cook good, eat good.


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