The Secret to Perfect, Fluffy and Light Scrambled Eggs

One good thing I got out of marrying my wife is her perfect scrambled eggs. They are the best scrambled eggs in the world. She taught me the secret to making them soft and fluffy, and it really is not that hard. My eggs would always turn out rubbery before she came along.


Non-stick spray





Frying Pan


Wire wisk

Medium sized bowl

Spray pan with non-stick spray. (Fauneil likes to use butter, but I think it makes the pan sticker).

Turn stove on to medium heat. No higher. A little lower would even be better.


Crack eggs in to bowl, and beat with a wire whisk until egg whites are no longer gooey and mixture is liquid..

Pour eggs into heated pan and stir constantly until eggs are no longer wet.

Doesn't that look beautiful? Salt and pepper to taste.


1. Beat the eggs until they are like liquid. Make sure the egg whites are not slimy and are completely mixed in with the yolks.

2. Keep the heat low. No higher than medium, preferably one notch below medium if you have the time.

3. My wife says the French stir their scrambled eggs constantly, while cooking them. Never leave the side of your pan while your eggs are cooking. Stir constantly and gently until they are done.


3 thoughts on “The Secret to Perfect, Fluffy and Light Scrambled Eggs

  1. I figured I’d better know what I was talking about, so I googled French scrambled eggs. It would seem that they cook them over a double boiler, too, instead of directly over the heat.

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