Shriner’s Trip

Time to go to Shriner’s Hospital for Children. We have to go there when it is time for Lily to get a new brace. We love Shriner’s. The staff members are so friendly and all services are donated to the child and family.

Here's a shot of all of Lily's braces so far.

On the way we sang Christmas songs.

Lily can never stay awake for the trip.

While Lily sleeps, McCann always hangs out in the back.

I always get to drive.

My beautiful wife always sits next to me.

We arrive at Shriner’s

This is the Shriner's symbol.

Lily gets a tag with her name and info.

The rest of us get visitor's tags.

Now the waiting game begins. We are not the only ones. These guys sat across from us.


We always have to stop and say hi to Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Look! Lily found a Magic Tree House series book to read.

McCann kills time looking at the fish tank.

Now we go into our exam room and wait some more.

Lily plays the doctor and McCann the patient while we were waiting.

Now McCann's the doctor while Mom's the patient.

McCann discovers the joy of rubber gloves.

Of course we are not the Purcells without a little crying.

And a little more crying.

Finally Dr. Pond makes it into the room.

Dr. Pond sent us to x-ray where we do more waiting.

And more waiting.

And even more waiting.

Finally back to the exam room to look at Lily's x-rays.

After our appointment with Dr. Pond, we eat lunch in their HUGE play area.

McCann and I get a mean billiards game going.

Now we meet with Peter to get her new brace fitted. Peter is the funnest.

He sticks her on this weird contraption. She picks the dinosaur design this time.

On the way out, we say goodbye to Sully and Mike Wazowski


3 thoughts on “Shriner’s Trip

  1. Good post, Babe. It’s fun to see our Shriner’s outing in pictures. Lily singing is soooo cute! I shared it on f.b. Love you!

  2. Faun, your daughter is singing higher than you? How is that possible? Remember in school when we thought you couldn’t sing anything that wasn’t above the staff??? (You sound great, by the way. I want us to sing 1970’s songs again. Like Sister Goldenhair.) Could your family be any more beautiful? Looks like you all had a good day.

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