I Cut In Line, When We Went to See Santa, and Asked Him For a Ferrari

Freezing our butts off was never so fun (the Purcells jump into Christmas).


We started off the night by eating turkey soup then we headed out to The Shops At Riverwoods for some holiday fun.



Riverwoods has many fire pits for shoppers to warm themselves. If Lily looks tiffed, it is because she is tiffed. She didn't want to be by this fire pit. She wanted...

to be by this one. we moved over to this fire pit, so she could be excited again.

McCann went crazy for the lights.

McCann asked Santa for a Candy Land board game. (Note: Santa has it set aside already.)

Lily asked for a Jessie Doll (Toy Story). (Note: Santa still needs to work on that one.)

I asked Santa for a 1955 Ferrari Berlinette 375, a million dollars and world peace. He thought that was funny, but I don't see what was so funny about it. Those are valid requests.

We were waiting for a hay ride, but Lily was too cold. I took her into Borders while Fauneil, Brandon and McCann took a spin with the horses. Lily read Cat In the Hat Books while I read "Falling Cloudberries."

When they were done with the hay ride they came into meet us in Borders.

While in Borders, we had our own puppet show (using their puppets, of course).

Then back outside for more lights...

and more fire pits.

And more lights.

And more fire pits.

Next stop: meeting grandma and grandpa at the Christmas tree lot.

We picked a flocked tree again this year. The one behind Brandon in this photo.

Finally we made it home to sip on some of Fauneil's famous homemade hot chocolate. I'll post the recipe soon.

McCann was so cold, that he drank his hot chocolate by the heater vent.

Merry Christmas everyone. May your 2010 holidays be bright.


6 thoughts on “I Cut In Line, When We Went to See Santa, and Asked Him For a Ferrari

  1. Luhi,

    Thanks, the best part was the picture of your mom and dad. Your dad is getting gray like the rest of us, what is your mom’s secret?
    Please tell them Mele Kaliki Maka from Brent and Dorothy!

  2. I love all of your photos! I was in the same festive place last night with my daughter Elizabeth. She is visiting me from Texas. We caught the Christmas spirit!!! You are a sweet family! Merry Christmas!!!

    • Hey Mary,

      Long time no see. Riverwoods is a great place. I love the new things they have done with it. The Roneys are doing it right.

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