Emma and I Narrowly Escaped An Avalanche and Explosives Yesterday

Emma and I went into the mountains for the first time this winter season. On the way up we listened to Tchaichovsky's Nutcracker and on the way back we listened to Canti Con Brio's Chrismas Comes Anew.

We wanted to try out some new parks, but this one wasn't accessible.

It didn't seem like a good idea to visit this one.

I didn't see any reason to go into this one.

Nunn's Park was open. We decided to give it a try.

But the only thing interesting was their lost and found.

So we decided to leave and find another park.

We stopped by Vivian Park, where we visit all the time.

We looked at the train there.

Then we saw this sign, and thought, "It will be hard to make yellow snow with cameras around." So we took off to our favorite park.

On our way out of Vivian Park, we stopped and looked at the cottage that Fauneil and I love. It's for sale, but $1 million dollars is out of our budget right now. I'll have to revisit the idea in a week or two.

On the way out, we also saluted our flag. God bless America.

South Fork is where we spend most of our time.

As you can tell, Emma loves this place.

Attack mode!

This is our self portrait.

I stopped to take a scenic shot.

Emma never likes it when I do that. Here she is giving me her sad look, so I will play with her again.

When it was time to go, Emma did not want to leave. She just sat out in the snow covered field hoping I would come back.

When we got home, Emma rested in her crate, and I took a long hot shower. (Sorry guys. No photos of the shower. This is a family show.)


One thought on “Emma and I Narrowly Escaped An Avalanche and Explosives Yesterday

  1. I love that you will take Emma to the mtns because you know she loves it so much. Great photos. Glad you made it out alive.

    Love you!

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