Today’s To-Do List

I created a long to-do list that I have been working on the past two days. Here is what I have finished.

Kid's room. Check. (McCann and I worked on this together.)

Mom and Dad's Room. Check.

Living Room. Check. (I picked up and Fauniel vacuumed.)

Kitchen. Check. (Tag teamed it with Fauneil.)

Bathroom. Check. (Minus the bathtub. I hate doing bathtubs.)

Pick up outside. Check.

Laundry. Check. (Fauneil washed and folded, and I put away.)

Buy graham crackers for Lily to take to school for gingerbread houses. Check.

Take Emma for a run in the mountains. Check.

Get Lily to and from school. Check. (I dropped her off and Fauneil picked her up.)

Here are a few things that were not on the list. First, sledding. Check.

More sledding pics.

And even more sledding pics.

Teach McCann about the letter "A" and the number "1". Check.

Read McCann stories. Check.

Make sure I have a cute wife. Double check.

As you can see, I got a lot done.


3 thoughts on “Today’s To-Do List

  1. I love you more with every blog entry you post. I love your determination and your enthusiasm, your motivation and how you mix work with fun. And I love how you love me. xoxoxoxoxoxox, Fauner

    P.S. The house looks great.

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