I Got In An Argument With One Of My Patients

I got in an argument with a patient today. They were watching Twilight, and they are big Team Edward fans.

I said, how can you like Edward? The guy is so pasty and cold. And such a sappy freak too.


Now take a look at Jacob. This is one buff hunk. If I were a girl, I’d say Team Jacob all the way. (My wife is a Team Jacob fan, for the record.)

She argued that she wants a cold body like Edwards, because she always runs a hot temp. She needed someone to cool her off. Valid argument.

A nurse on the floor said that Edward showed undying devotion, and that every woman needs that. I agree. 100%. EVERY woman needs and deserves that. But I’m not pasty white and I have undying devotion for my wife.

Bottom line, I don’t get the team Edward thing. And further more, I don’t get Edward or Jacob. Who wants a sappy, mopey girl who wines all the time? Bella is not worth the negatives she puts out.


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