Scam Alert: Gingerbread Construction Company Inc. Does Shoddy Work

Lily made ginger bread houses at school today, so McCann insisted on making some at home tonight.

We went to the grocery store to collect building materials.

We have an elf on our construction crew.

Here we are collecting architectural details.

Purchasing our construction supplies.

Hauling our supplies back to the car.

We made cement from butter and powdered sugar. I tried to convince the head forwoman elf, that we needed to buy our confection cement at the store, but she thought we could just make our own. Big mistake.

Here is the frame of our house.

Scam alert: Check out the walls. They aren't even made of ginger bread. It's the cheap graham cracker substitute.

Scam alert: check out this shoddy construction work. The homemade cement was so bad that the roof started falling off. And the...

...the circular window slid down and became a circular door.

Truth be told, I was so sick of the mess that I was about ready to use real glue. I didn’t even care if my kids ate it. I just wanted this project to be done.


6 thoughts on “Scam Alert: Gingerbread Construction Company Inc. Does Shoddy Work

  1. I wish I would have known you were doing this … we made up a big batch of royal icing (confectionary cement) for Michael, Jon, and Josh who were designing and building gingerbread houses for tomorrow’s ‘gingerbread house decorating date’. I think we still have a pint or two that you could have used.

  2. Royal icing works, but you might as well use a glue gun since it’s just about as tasty.

    I’d rather eat the sticky, sloppy, sliding butter-and-powdered-sugar mixture, so if the kids want to eat it, call it a win. Just don’t plan to move in to the place.

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