The Building, Where My Wife and I Had Our First Date, Burnt To the Ground Today (The story of how I was first smitten by my wife)

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We were set up. The culprit…Stephanie Ashcraft. She’s responsible for the most important event in my life.

(By the way, Stephanie is now a New York Times best selling author, and you can find out more about her at

I saw Stephanie one evening and she said, “I want to set you up!” Although I didn’t show this externally, internally I was rolling my eyes. People were always setting me up, and it was ALWAYS with some girl with which I had nothing in common. Quite frequently, after a blind date, I would say to myself, “Really? You thought HER and I were a good match? Really?”

Anyway, Stephanie set up a ‘non-committal’ game night at her house. When the time came near, Stephanie called me and said we had to change it, because my date had a singing engagement. Fast approached the second date, when Stephanie called me again with the same message. My date had another singing engagement.

When Fauneil told Stephanie this a third time, Stephanie told her, “Here’s his number. Call him yourself.” So one quiet night, I was home  alone, and I got a call from Fauneil. “I hate to say this, but I have anther singing engagement, and we have to postpone again,” Fauneil said.

I asked her if I could go to her concert with her. She was a little taken back, but agreed. I asked her to pick me up, which she thought was weird, but way back then, I owned an old car that had a squeaky belt. There was no way I was going on a first date, a blind one at that, with a car that squealed like a mouse being tortured.

During her concert, she sat with me the first half and sang the second half. I was smitten. I was even ready to cancel a date I had a couple of days later. It was even with a girl that I had (before Fauneil) really liked. The rest is history. Almost a decade later, we are married with three adorable children and chaos rules.

Thanks Stephanie for introducing me to the love of my life. I owe you …BIG time. And sorry I doubted you in the beginning.

So now that historic building is no longer. They will most likely have to tear it down, but my fond memory will live on.


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