If Only There Were Easy Buttons In Real Life: Floyd the Plumber, Screaming Parents, Harry Potter and New Year’s Resolutions.

We received this easy button for Christmas, and every time I look at it, I wish it were real. How much easier life would be if I had an easy button. I’d even take a magic wand, as long as it wasn’t the type they have on Harry Potter. I don’t have seven years to spend at Hogwarts learning how to use one. That would negate my whole reason for having it. I want to just “flick” and get what I want…you know, “easy” like.

Oh, the situations I would change in my life are endless. The first type of situation I would work on are those that look easy at first but then turn out to be a real pain in the ^@$$*%. You know the type of situation I am talking about, right? For example, every (and I mean EVERY) handyman project I do around the house falls into this category. “Oh, that will only take a second,” I say to myself. I know better than to say that now. Even the “easiest” of projects does not get any positive reinforcement from me anymore.

You want and example? How about the time I went to fix the leak under the kitchen sink? It had to be something simple like tighten this or replace that small thing. Yea right! 15 minutes later a pipe broke and my kitchen was flooded (and I got soaked). The dang thing still isn’t fixed, and it’s been at least a month and a half. Which reminds me (Side note: “Hey Babe, we need to call Floyd the Plumber. I don’t think I’m gonna get around to finishing that.)

The second type of situations are the ones that I know, up front, are gonna suck. For example, getting my kids into the car quickly when I am in a massive rush. Now this wasn’t always a type two situation. There was a time in my life when I was stupid enough to believe this was an easy operation. I mean there are only a few steps involved to getting out the door and into the car.

“Hey Lily, I need you to grab those socks over there, put them on, then I will help you put on your shoes and your coat.” I then ran to help McCann. When I came back to Lily, her socks were not on, and she was doing the EXACT same thing she was doing before I made my urgent request. So I told her again, this time a little more forceful, “LILY! I need you to grab those socks over there, and put them on. Then I will help you put on your shoes and your coat. I am going to go finish getting McCann ready.” When I came back, she was still doing the same thing, which is not what I had asked her to do. I lost it. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “LILIANA!” (And I mean YELLED. I was mad.) All this did was make Lily cry, complain and move slower. McCann  also got upset from my yelling (and made him move slower).

Now days, I know in advance that these situations stink, but I still lose my patience and yell at the  top of my lungs. Boy do I need an easy button here.

Unfortunately folks, there are no easy buttons in life. We actually have to work and plan and work some more. That is why we have New Year’s resolutions. And at the top of my list for 2011 is “Do not yell at my kids.” (Note: this does not mean letting them throw me under the bus. I still want to be firm.) I still don’t have a game plan in place to make this work, but I have a few hours to get that together.

As we come to the close of 2010, may you have an important objective for yourself to conquer in 2011, and may you work hard to make it a reality (like I will.) Here’s to a successful (not easy) 2011.

All our best,

The Luhi Purcell Family


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