I have Known You For Over 20 Years, But I Don’t Know You At All.

I’m working on  a project that made me realize how little I know about the some of the little details in the lives of my friends and family.

I asked  six friends to answer the following questions:

1. What are your favorite TV shows?

2. What magazines do you read?

3. What music do you like?

4. What is your favorite movie?

5. What books do you read?

6. What is your favorite color?

7. What is your favorite cartoon character?

8. What is your favorite store?

9. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

10. What is your favorite thing in the whole world? (Thing, not person.)

I was surprised at many of the answers. It made me realize how I miss some of the small things of  the people in my life – even if I have known them for decades.

This has gotten me curious, and I have a favor to ask you. Please make a comment to this post and answer those questions. Below are  my answers.

I hardly watch TV, but my last addiction was Prison Break.

Defintily AD is my favorite mag. This issue is my favorite, and the room is my favorite room of all time. I want to own that apartment in NYC.

I listen to a wide, wide range of music. From Beethoven...

to Queen...

to George Winston...

to the Black Eyed Peas...

to Nora Jones...

to the Dixie Chicks...

to my neighbor Mindy Gledhill.

The songs I have been listening to the most lately are "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry and...

"Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti. This is our family song for 2010. Here are the music videos below.

My favorite movies are the Iron Man movies, for sure.

The new Star Trek movie is a very close second.

The only book I am allowed to read right now is this one.

But, books I read before I was stuck with Anatomy text books are The Host and...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

My favorite books to read to my kids are The Paper Bag Princess.

Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon.

Alice the Fairy.

I'll Be There With Belzon.

The Berenstain's B Book

and Where the Wild Things Are.

My favorite color is blue. This blue and white pattern gives me chills.

My favorite cartoon character HAS to be Bugs Bunny.

My favorite store? No such thing. But my favorite stores (with an "S") are Williams-Sonoma...

Pottery Barn...

Pottery Barn Kids...

and ABC Carpet and Home in NYC.

It's in the Flat Iron district on the corner of 19th and Broadway.

What would I do with a Million Dollars? I would invest it then do the following with the profits. 10% donated to my church, 20% donated to charities, 33% to live off of, 19% to savings, 18% to personal projects. Does that equal 100%? I hope so, 'cause I'm not adding that up.

My favorite thing in the world (not people) is interior design. For sure.

So please leave me a comment and answer those questions. I would love to see the small details of your life.

Thanks a bunch,



16 thoughts on “I have Known You For Over 20 Years, But I Don’t Know You At All.

  1. 1. What are your favorite TV shows? My favorite TV shows are Charmed (yes, nerdy I know), Court TV (NOT the Judge Judy type the REAL trials shown on TruTV), The Closer, and NCIS

    2. What magazines do you read? Runner’s World and The Friend to my kids.

    3. What music do you like? Anything I can run to.

    4. What is your favorite movie? Lord of the Rings (all of them) are my all time favorites, but also love Pride and Prejudice, the Ironman movies and the new Star Trek (right there with you Luhi, I am also a trekkie!)

    5. What books do you read? A variety, right now I am re-reading Lord of the Rings, I am on the Two Towers. LOVE Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels! So funny you can’t help but laugh out loud.

    6. What is your favorite color? Red

    7. What is your favorite cartoon character? Hummmmm…Scooby Doo

    8. What is your favorite store? Do I have to pick just one? I love American Eagle, Gap, Target, Pottery Barn (although too expensive, I love thier stuff), Costco, etc…

    9. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? Put it in the bank and live off the interest after I went on an awesome vacation with my family to some place warm with a beach!

    10. What is your favorite thing in the whole world? (Thing, not person.) Running, it makes me happy!

    • I’m not surprised by the running theme in your life. I’m so glad you like Iron Man and Star Trek. I knew I liked you.

      • 1. My favorite TV show is Dr. Oz.and Medium
        2. My favorite magazine is Womens Day
        3. Oldies are my favorite music I guess.
        4. Sound of Music is one of my old time favorites
        5. I like Church novels
        6. My favorite color is blue
        7. Mickey Mouse is my favorite cartoon character I guess.
        8. Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond, Natural Food stores.
        9. After I paid my tithing I would get completely out of debt including my house. Then I would buy a car that I like not a car I can afford. Then I would give to my favorite charities. I would travel. I would buy a summer home in Hawaii. I would buy each one of my kids the car of their choice. I would remodel my home, build on an addition, and fix everything that needs it. I would give big tips to waitresses when I eat out. I would buy only organic foods. I would give anonymously to people in need like in the movie Christmas Angel. Would I have any money left after all of that? That’s what I would do with a million dollars.

        10. Doing things for my family, reading, being with Irwin.

      • Wow! I’m in shock. I learned new things about my own mom. There were many things I did know though.

  2. 1. I Love Good things Utah! So cheesy I know. I also love pawn stars, and of course… Grey’s Anatomy.

    2. I do love Real Simple, pottery barn, martha stewart living, and.. you caught me… ok, us weekly, and in touch. So trashy and pathetic. I know.

    3. I love everything. Like you. Jay-Z, Eminem, Lady GaGa, Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, Classical, Cold Play, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Cartel, Frank Sinatra, The Killers… and the list goes on!

    4. Favorite movie, too many to name, but October Sky would be up there. Such a good story.

    5. Right now i’m reading the help which is really good. But in the last few months I’ve read Larry H. Millers autobiography (AMAZING), Hunger Games, Healing Hearts, The Anatomy of HOpe, Complications-A surgeons notes on an imperfect science, and Better-a surgeons notes on performance. All life changing.

    6. Color(s) Green- sea, apple, and lime. and Pink in any shade 🙂

    7. Cartoon character? Wonder Woman duh. She makes being a tough chick look good!

    8. I love Nordstroms! There are so many things there that I dream about having one day in far far away land!

    9. I too would donate 10% to my church. Make college and mission funds for future kids. Put a ton into a 401K or retirement plan. Buy a house. And maybe… I dunno a new car?

    10. Call me crazy… but I love love love to run.

    • Wow. Love love that list. Don’t sweat the US Weekly and In Touch comment. Fauneil loves those kinds of mags too. You two would get along well. I totally forgot to put the Hunger game series in my book list. Drats! I have to say though, I did not like Larry Miller’s book. That guy really neglected his family. A BIG no, no in my book. Love how your favorite colors are green sea, apple, and lime (not just green). Last but not least, Wonder Woman is a pretty tough chick. I thought she was sexy when I was a kid. One HOT mama.

  3. I’m probably not in that 1000, but I love getting to know people.. so I’m going toshare. 🙂 –sorry in advance for the format.. I’m on my phone. 1) Don’t have “tv”, but I love watching Bones and How I Met Your Mother on DVD. 2) Martha Stewart Living, Ensign, and, yes, the trashy store mags (us weekly, etc). 3) I consider my music tastes eclectic.. everything from Irish pub songs and French/Arabian to Dave Matthews and Owl City. In the end, if its a soft or happy song I’ll like it. Fav all time song? The Sign by Ace of Base. 4) TOUGH question. LOR movies are amazing, but P.S. I Love You is up there too. 5) Mostly, I read fantasy fic, but I like just about everything. Currently reading Pride and Prejudice. 6) Dark Barbie pink. 7) Another hard one. Gonna have to go with Marvin the Martian. 8) Dollar store, Target, Harmons (cheese from around the world anyone?), NY and Co, VS. 9) Tithe, taxes, house with lots of land, nice car, and a european vacation. After that, I’d invest whatevers left. 10) Carmel. Or cheese. Maybe carmel AND cheese! 🙂

    • Of course you are one of my 1000 friends. You fall into the 700 FB friends. Thanks so much for sharing. I love Martha Stewart Living too (although sometimes she is too much for me to handle.) Glad to see another music eclectic fool, like myself. Ace of Base? I totally forgot about them. Dark Barbie Pink? I’m gonna have to see that color. I love Marvin the Martian too. I had to debate between him and Bugs when I was choosing. Bugs’ sassy attitude won out. Love cheese.

  4. 1. Favorite TV shows? Ha. They’re both BBC: Robin Hood and Doctor Who. I do also like Monk, and Buffy, courtesy of your wife.
    2. Favorite magazines? Don’t read many, but I love Muse–a magazine about life, the universe, and pie-throwing. In other words, everything.
    3. Music? Anything. Classical, classic rock, Taylor Swift and other country/pop, showtunes, even some hip-hop due to my friends’ bands.
    4. Favorite movie? Very hard to narrow down, but probably Sense and Sensibility is my all time favorite. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers makes a close second.
    5. Books I read? Ha! You know me. Siriusly anything, but mostly fantasy, classics, and historical fiction.
    6. Favorite color? Pink. Light pink, NOT hot pink. I hate hot pink.
    7. Cartoon character? …I don’t watch cartoons. Redwall was good while it was on.
    8. Favorite store? Barnes & Noble and The Wandering Wardrobe, a consignment store in Springville.
    9. I have no idea what I’d do with a million dollars. Probably put it in savings, because I’m terrible at spending money. And then maybe the occasional splurge on something really fun with friends.
    10. Favorite thing in the whole world? Words. Everything about them–reading, writing, calligraphy, acting.

    I think I know why this is your most popular post, because I’ve encountered the same thing with my blog. It has a lot of pictures on a wide range of subjects, and people looking for pictures come here. (My most popular posts are Sunsets and I Have My Two Front Teeth So Here’s What I Want Now, both of which have tons of pictures.) I know, it’s kind of disheartening that your most popular posts aren’t due to you, but that seems to be it.

    • I knew it wasn’t due to me, because I could see on my stats page that they were coming via the search engines, I just couldn’t pinpoint which terms were getting them there.

  5. Dear Luhi,
    You haven’t known me 20 years. Or ever, for that matter. But, like you, I am in love with your wife and her whole fam damily! Plus I read your blog. So here’s me:

    My favorite tv shows are NCIS (with a passion), Castle, Grimm, and Pretty Little Liars. That last one is shameful, but I can’t help it. And it begins again on Jan. 2, so hurray and hurray!

    I like to read BH&G magazine, along with any other decorating magazines. That’s about it.

    I like lots of different music, including your list! I love old country. We never change the station if George Strait comes on. Or Dolly. I like old jazz and blues singers, pop that’s a little hip-hop and hip-hop that’s a little pop. My favorite song is Islands In the Stream, hands down. Josh Groban gives me goose bumps in a good way. I just don’t like the 90s grunge business. We turn it up on Adele and Cee Lo Green these days.

    For YEARS my favorite movie was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I find it pretty hard to have a fave movie. But I definitely get sucked in to the same ones over and over. Like 27 dresses. I never change the station when that is on. Or The Family Stone. I love Jane Eyre with Toby Stephens. I want to watch Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp every single time it comes on tv (edited, of course). I like most every crappy movie they show on Saturday Cinema, especially from the 80s. I don’t care for children’s movies, but that just happened over the past 5 years. Oh, I do adore Holes. I watched it 6 times when I very first rented it. In a row.

    I LOVE to read! I especially love YA and Juvenile literature, but by no means is that exclusive. I read the Dragon Tattoo series as well. Currently, I am reading the Children of the Red King series for kids about Charlie Bone. I love mysteries, crime dramas, historical fiction, especially about women, kids, and family secrets, and fantasy. If the time continuum is disturbed, I will probably love it. That holds for movies and tv shows as well. Traveling to the past seems AWESOME, but not the future (blech). I love everything by Kate Morton. I read the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson. I love British lit. I dislike Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Tom Hardy, and John Steinbeck (a whole lot). I grew up on Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables. I love to read to my kids. Especially Mo Willems, Leslie Patricelli, and Sandra Boynton. My favorite books when I was a kid were From the MIxed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and The Snark-out Boys and the Avocado of Death. I like The Hobbit more than the Lord of the Rings. I could go on and on and on…

    My favorite color is blue! My favorite color to decorate my house with is green. I don’t know why the discrepancy.

    My favorite cartoon character is The Pink Panther.

    My favorite store is IKEA.

    If I had a million dollars, I’d pay my tithing, pay off the house, tear it down, and build the one i really want. I think I’d have half the money left. I’d pay off my family’s homes, buy a new car, go on a family vacation, and save the rest. If there is any left.

    My favorite thing in the whole wide world??? That is so tough! Probably books. Yep, if I had to choose one. Coca-Cola is a dang close second, but it is bad for me, and I know I’ll have to give it up again soon, so I still pick books.

    Nice to meet you! Sincerely, Jen Grover Ruggles

    • Jennifer,

      How do you know my wife?

      I’ve never even heard of “Pretty Little Liars,” so no need to be shameful around me. Besides, honesty is the best policy.

      Glad you like decorating mags. Those are my favorite too.

      Cee Lo Green is the bomb.com

      If you liked “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” the movie, then you will probably love the TV series. It’s addicting. Fauneil got me hooked on it.

      Glad you read to your kids – especially Mo Willems. I love “Knuffle Bunny.”

      Blue is good.

      Pink Panther is too. Forgot about him when I made my list.

      I LOVE IKEA.

      Nice to meet you (right back at cha).


      • I met Jessie in the dorms my freshman year of college. We became fast friends. So she introduced me to Fauner who I begged to sing the queen of the night aria from the magic flute. And of course she did beautifully. I also met the Moultons then. Naturally, I loved them all because you would have to be inhuman not to. I spy onto Cherry Lane via Fauner’s fb page. 🙂

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