1000:2 Ratio? We Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves!

I asked almost a thousand of you, my friends and family members, to read my blog post and answer a few simple questions, so I could get to know each of you all a little better. 24 hours later only two of you have responded – Brooke Hall and Camille Carter (this excludes the original six friends that were a part of a project that spurred the blog post).

Only two have responded out of 1000? I’m in shock. Anyway, to thank the two that responded I will be giving them both very nice very expensive gifts that I know will fall in line with what they love .

To Brooke I am giving a hospital grade oximeter since she is a big marathon runner. She can quickly and easily check her heart rate before and after she runs.

For Camille, who loooves cooking, I am dedicating, in her honor, my next blog post titled, "How to Make Killer Mashed Potatoes and Gravy That People Will Gladly Murder For." I will also give her THE secret ingredient which is not easy to find and quite expensive. Most people don't even know this ingredient exists.

Thank you Brooke and Camille for your replies. I am so glad to get to know you better.


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