Dance @ Lily’s Elementary School

My little big bro Ray (or Tam as we call him in the fam.)

Brandon the man

Travis the other man.

Mmmm! Cotton Candy!

My beautiful wife.

Mmmm! Cotton Candy!

Mmmm! Cotton Candy!

The cute little Craig girl, whose name I don't know.

Like mother like daughter. Frog out.


The youngest of the Harmons.

Me showing Emily how to use my camera.

I look like a total idiot in this photo. (or I AM a total idiot in this photo.)

Meisinger clan.

Gettin' jiggy with it.

Mr. MC himself

Dancing like they do in France.


4 thoughts on “Dance @ Lily’s Elementary School

  1. Awesomeness. I do believe the hat is a green tiger. And maybe you weren’t an idiot in that photo, maybe it was the person who took five minutes to figure out how to take the picture who was the idiot. Thanks for posting these.

    • Hey Amye,

      I’m guessing you are Emily’s sister. I can add you to the list of Godfreys I have met. Glad you enjoyed the pics.


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