My Nephew Jesse Came to Visit, So I Threw Him a Party.

This is my nephew Jesse. He is going to college in Idaho, but came down to visit this weekend. I threw him a last minute party. We called it Souper Soup Saturday.

We had tomato soup. That is what Lizzie is eating.

Clam chowder like you see in this pot.

And spicy sausage soup like you see Fauneil eating here.

My brother Tam came by with his friend Tyler just on time. They just got back from the Sundance Film Festival where Tam was able to kiss Isabella Rossellini. Of course how can she resist a hunk like him?

Ashton, my grand-nephew, sure liked that spicy sausage soup.

My brother-in-law Tyler loves the tomato soup. Of course, it's his wife's recipe that I use.

Lily & McCann told great jokes like this: Why did the elephant cross the road? To follow the chicken (ha, ha, ha!)

There was play time, of course.

My nephew Joseph did not want his picture taken. He believes it takes his spirit away from him.

This is my mother-in-law, Mary, who has cancer. Doesn't she look cute in her hat. She of course wears it because she has lost her hair to chemo.

Good shot.


We ended the night with our family's famous chocolate cake recipe and cherry cordial ice cream that my sister-in-law Heather made and brought over.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens after a Purcell party.



2 thoughts on “My Nephew Jesse Came to Visit, So I Threw Him a Party.

  1. Oh Luhi, for some reason I thought I got emails whenever you posted something… to my absolute shock and disappointment I have been seriously behind in what’s going on in Purcell land! I am glad I am caught up now though… you’re life is far more interesting than mine. Thanks for the updates and entertainment 🙂

    • Sorry Camille, the only ones that get emails on every update are my subscribers. Not even family members get all the updates. We should hook up on Facebook too.

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