Got Off Work Early and Took Advantage of This Sunny Winter Weather.

I got off work early, yesterday, so we took advantage of the sunny weather and went to Nielsen's Grove.

This plaque tells about the founder of Nielsen's Grove, Jorgen Nielsen.

Here is McCann with a statue of Jorgen Nielsen.

Here are McCann and Fauneil pretending to be bushes in the garden.

They have a pretty cool duck pond.

They allow fishing there.

It's mostly iced over now though.

They have a cool carousel swing.

Here's a picture of it from a distance. If you look closely, you can see Lily in her blue dress swinging on one of the swings.

Here is a closer photo.

We ran into other dogs while we were there. Lily is petting two dogs named Freckles and JoJo.

Here Emma is meeting Walter for the first time.

Emma and Lily sitting on a bench.

Here is Fauneil catching some rays in the sun. Her dark coat, really soaked up the sunshine and kept her warm.

You can see the Nielsen's Grove barn behind Fauneil.

Like mother like son.

They have a green house there.

It's mostly just filled with garbage cans and gardening supplies in the winter.

In the summer, this fountain is filled with kids playing in it.

Even thought we are not supposed to.

After our romp around Nielsen's Grove, we had Grandma and Grandpa Gleason come over for a visit. Lily and Grandma wrote a book.

For dinner we made some of Grandma's favorite food - biscuits and gravy.

For dessert we had another of Grandma's favorites, sweet plums with cream and...

chocolate chip cookies.

Psst! Don't tell Fauneil, but I ate about 5 cookies worth of cookie dough. She doesn't like it when I do that. I say there was plenty, though.


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