I, A Muggle, Got Special Permission to Visit Hogwarts, Drink Butter Beer, and Eat Peppermint Frogs

Yesterday I got to tour Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes me, a muggle.

Why did I get to do this, you ask? Well, let me explain. This is my niece Kat, and she is attending Hogwarts (and getting top marks I might add). Anyway, I was allowed to attend her birthday party there.

They allowed me to take my children too. This is Brandon pretending to be "He Who Must Not Be Named." (I told him not to pretend this once we got there. Might be off-putting.)

In order for us to go there, we had to be accompanied by a member of the Ministry of Magic.

But once we entered Hogwarts, it was so fun. The clothing there is so interesting and different.

This cloak was weaved by the elves. (Guess the elvish world and the wizarding world meet up sometimes. I didn't know this, but most elves live in Morocco.)

Most of the students stayed in their school uniforms like this girl.

And this boy.


And this girl...OK you get the point.

There were a few students who dressed like muggles to help us feel more at home.

Here's another example.

And another. They look like authentic muggles, don’t they?

We got to attend a few classes...

Like Transfiguration. (Shhh! They didn't want me to take photos of their formulas, etc. Use it at your own risk.)

This is Professor Sprout. We attended her Herbology class. (Herbology is pronounced with an "H" there, apparently.)

We also attended Snape's potions class. Brandon got to be his assistant.

He had all kinds of weird ingredients.

Including worms that looked kind of...well...gummy.

This was McCann's favorite class.

He went back again and again.

Three times, to be exact.

We went to a pub in Hogsmeade and ate sausage filled something-or-others.

Pumpkin tarts.

And drank butter beer.

Why they let their young kids drink beer, I will never know.

It seemed quite normal for them.

So I said, "What the heck," and let my kids drink too. They weren't as tipsy afterward as I thought they would be.

My kids with the bartender.

I was lucky enough to meet Nicholas Flamel when going to Honeydukes, that famous candy store. (No he is not dead. That story by JK what’s-her-name, is just that…a story. In real life Flamel is a French alchemist. He is still alive to this day living in the wizarding world, although most do not know that. See his Wikipedia link here.)

Speaking of Honeydukes, that place rocked. Chocolate Frogs, Peppermint Frogs, Acid Pops. Loads of tasty treats there.

Honeyduke's most popular candy, by far, are their suckers.

I saw them everywhere I went.

It seemed to be a faddish thing.

People even showed them off.

I thought of trying one myself, but I am more of a chocolate frog fan.

McCann was looking at this shock globe at Gambol and Japes. They opened a second store in Hogsmeade recently.

We stopped by a wand store. It wasn't Olivander's, but it was fun to see all the wands. I tried to buy one, but they would let me. Then I tried to steal one. The shop keeper cast a spell on me. Now every time I try to touch a wand I start puking slugs.

Then came the wizard birthday cake.

We all had fun eating it.

And socializing.

I tried to show them a muggle magic trick, but they were not very impressed.


5 thoughts on “I, A Muggle, Got Special Permission to Visit Hogwarts, Drink Butter Beer, and Eat Peppermint Frogs

  1. HOLY COW! I cannot tell you how jealous I am right now. You are so lucky you got to go to experience all those Harry Potter places, foods, and activities. What I wouldn’t give for a chocolate frog. Lucky lucky lucky….

  2. We’ll be speaking with you, further, Mr. Purcell. Please watch for my owl.

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