Best Toy Store In the World (Step Aside FAO Scharz).


A few blog posts back, I took my kid’s to the Blickenstaff’s toy store, and they whined and cried when it was time to leave. Remember that? And Fauneil and I  swore we would never take them to a toy store again. Ring a bell? Anyway, we finally broke down and agreed to take them to Blickenstaffs again, when their cousins were going on a trip there.

Blikenstaff's is the craziest, coolest toy store ever. It is kid heaven. The youngsters can freely play with any of the toys. Then they can leave them right where they want (on the floor, or where ever) when they are done, and the staff comes and cleans up behind them. It is more like an indoor toy playground with kids running everywhere.

Here is how our night went.

Fauneil and the kids picked me up at the hospital.

We stopped at the Moulton's to eat pizza before heading out.

Lizzy was our entertainment.

Joseph was adverse to getting his picture taken. But I caught him on film. Watch this video.

They give free rides on this mechanical horse. That is all Lily wanted to do most of the time we were there. Luckily there wasn't much of a line.


Kids were riding these cars all over the store. I had to be careful to not get run over.


There were many, many hats to try on. This is a magic hat. You can pull rabbits out of it (secret pouch). Shhh! Don't tell that Santa snuck the hat away and bought it for him for Christmas.

They have these mini shopping carts for kids to push around. I saw kids gleefully piling toys into them.

Full-on metal knights helmets.

All kinds of glasses. Rock star glasses.

Weird eye glasses.

These cool heart glasses.

I saw Jessi from Toy Story.

And her sister, whose name must be Jessi too.


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