It’s a Brening Party Around Here

This is the Brening family. Every time they are in town we have a blast.

We almost always head to their hotel for some fun.

Swimming is always on the agenda.


While swimming the kids do daring jumps (at least it's daring to them).

We love splashes.


And splash fights.



These are the poolsiders this trip.

We had to take a photo in the sauna. (Notice that Lily's head is cut off. Opps!)

We played on the stair climbers...

and the treadmills.

We almost always eat out when the Brenings are in town.

The kids just love that.

We are at J Dawgs in this photo and the two previous.

We also at at Mimi's Cafe this trip.

When we are not eating out we are eating in.

Lots of cooking going on. One great thing about marrying a Gleason girl is they know how to really cook. So there is always scrumptious food when we get together.

We like to dress up at these events...


no matter the age.

There is always a lot of wrestling too. ("It's all fun and games till someone get's their eye poked out.")

We usually do some kind of tour or other fun thing. This year we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit. Almost a 1/4 million people have been through this exhibit so far.

Carl Bloch was a Danish painter. (May 23, 1834 – February 22, 1890)



He was famous for his many religious pieces.

Saying on the wall at the exhibit. Seems appropriate.

Of course I'm not suppose to take photos in their exhibits, but you know me. I don't ever take any photos of the art directly, though. If I need an image for a blog post I just download it off the internet.

It was very educational.

The dark haired girl is my niece, Lauren. I told her, "So your parents finally got you into an museum." She said, "I didn't say I was having fun."

Sometimes teenagers get more excited about things like the museum donation box.

We went down to visit the American Dreams exhibit.

I thought these images were interesting.


Here's a blurb on them.

We all hid under the stairs from Jos. Here he is all alone and not realizing it yet.

We made a last stop at the electronic media exhibit. The images shift when you walk or move through them.

We all ran through it to clear off the images.


Then watched the image come back in one blob...

And break up again.

The Brening are gone now, but we are anxiously waiting for them to return, so we can have some more fun around here.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Brening Party Around Here

  1. Luhi, thanks for the all of the great memories from this trip. You guys sure know how to feed and entertain quests. Also, thanks for ordering up those (2) 20″+ powder ski days, much appreciated. Hope you guys can make it to Seattle again soon.

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