SIDE-TRACKED: Where I Throw Away My Plans, Go With the Flow and Have Fun

I had plans for my day. I have family staying at our house in a few weeks and I wanted to get the downstairs ready. There was cleaning to do, painting to get done and lots of other stuff. But...

everyone else had different ideas for my time. McCann wanted to visit the Museum of Paleontology.

Lily wanted to go to the book fair at her school.

Someone needed to stay with Grandpa Gleason since he just got out of the hospital.

And Emma insisted that I take her for a run.

I gave in. I scraped my plans and decided to go have some fun.

McCann and I started with the Museum of Paleontology.

There were lots of interesting things there. For example, here is McCann looking at their donation box. I guess if you don't give enough, the dinosaur bites off your hand.

Here is McCann looking at the skull of a giant alligator. (Must of been one BIG alligator.)

They have a long window where you can watch the paleontologists do their work. That was pretty cool.

I almost got my head bit off. I barely escaped those sharp teeth.

McCann really made good use of his map.

His favorite thing to do with it was find all the exhibits that he could touch.


T-Rex is always a popular exhibit. McCann knew way more about dinosaurs than I expected. Things such as the origin of many of the species and why some dinosaurs have long necks. Smart kid.

While there, I bumped into a friend I have not seen in a long time. Amazing what you find at the Museum of Paleontology.

After, we went to get ice cream. (That makes a good breakfast, right?) Here is McCann waiting for his. Oops! I forgot my wallet, so we had to go home and get it.


On the way we out we stopped for a potty break. Of course McCann had to play with the automatic paper towel dispenser.

We looked at the candy.

And played with the twisty ties at the produce section.

Finally we got back to the store with my wallet and bought some ice cream.

There is a river trail right by the store. We took a stroll while we ate. Emma came with us.

I've been promising McCann a toy, so we stopped and bought him an archery set.


Next we had to go help Grandpa Gleason. The doctor said he has to take frequent walks so we took a stroll through the neighborhood.

We also played some board games.

Then we took Emma for a run.

Then we picked up Lily from school and went to her book fair. Here are the books they bought.

McCann couldn't wait to tear into his. He read it on the way home.

The last thing we did was go to read our new books to Grandma Purcell. What a grand day.


2 thoughts on “SIDE-TRACKED: Where I Throw Away My Plans, Go With the Flow and Have Fun

  1. I really really like this! Every once in a while such activities/necessities actually help you accomplish your ever loooooong lists better! 🙂

  2. Don’t let our visit make your list longer! Sounds like you are doing exactly the things you should be doing! Love to you and we’ll see you soon!

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