The Lesson I Learned From Rose, the Little Caesars Pizza Girl



In the video above is Rose. She works at Little Caesars Pizza. Most of the time she stands on the street corner waving their sign to attract customers. I have known Rose for almost 20 years. I don’t know the nature of her condition, but she most definitely has a mental handicap of some sort. Any of my friends that also know Rose will vouch for this fact.

I see Rose from time to time at the store or on the street. Sometimes I give her a ride, because she doesn’t have car.

Like most mentally challenged people, Rose can sometimes be a bit hard to swallow. I have to confess my sins. There are times over the past 20 years when I haven’t wanted to deal with her or hear her crazy stories. I ignored her on those occasions. I would see her and have a knot in my stomach. Do I feel guilty about this? Yes. Have I earned my fire hole in hell? Probably. (Buy I am most likely going to hell anyway, so what does that matter?)

Anyway, despite Rose’s handicap, she has taught me a very valuable lesson. One from which we can all learn. She has a horrible job that most people would shun. In fact, most times I see someone standing with a company sign on a street corner, they are hiding behind it in shame. But not Rose. She gives 100% to her job. She dances and shakes that sign like it’s nobody’s business.

I think we can all learn from that. Do we give 100% to everything we do? Even the mundane, boring, or even embarrassing tasks? We should give our all to whatever we do, and Rose is a shining example of this. May we all learn this lesson and strive to apply it to our lives.


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