It’s Amazing How Much House Remodeling You Can Get Done When Family Is Coming Into Town

We have lived in our house for 6 years and have never gotten around to remodeling our family room until family was coming to stay this weekend. Amazing how that works.

Let's walk down the stairs and take a look at our new room, shall we?

When you come down the stairs, the first thing you will see is this print we bought at the Young Living lavender farm.

You might have noticed the interesting texture on the wall. It's plaster and straw.

It used to be the fake 70's wood paneling. You know, the ugliest stuff in the world. We covered it with plaster and straw.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs the first thing you will notice is the fireplace.

If you get a little closer, you will notice the white rock. It used to be an ugly reddish-brown color but we painted it white to bring it more up-to-date.

The oil painting above the fireplace is an abstract I painted just for this room. I wanted the red to be a strong contrast to the white wall.

We temporarily changed the family room into a bedroom while our family is staying here. We did not have a head board, so I bought these antique doors to put behind the bed. I bought them from a man who had them sitting in the snow in his front yard with a hand written for sale sign. He rescued them from an old house that was being torn down.

Next to the bed we have an end table that we bought at a garage sale and painted orange. I received the crystal lamp as a gift from my friend Lynn McGhie, who is a well known designer in the area. (My very first blog post is about him.)

Zoom in on the pictures. They are antique Bank of America magazine ads from the 40's.

Opposite the fireplace is a day bed we inherited from my aunt. Hanging above the bed is...

an abstract watercolor that McCann painted.

Here is a picture of McCann with Justine, one of our relatives that is sleeping down there as I type this.


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