Elementary Engineering Day

This my oldest son Brandon with his teacher Mrs. Jones.

I met him at his school, so we could go on a field trip.

We all headed out of the class room, teachers, parents, and students to the University of Utah (enemy territory, in our family, but fun none the less) for the Elementary Engineering Day.

We loaded onto the school bus.

There are a lot of things that are different on a school bus from when I was a kid like video cameras and...


But there are a lot of things that are the same. Like music and...

general goofing around.


There were a lot of parent volunteers. Both mothers...

and fathers.

This is the best looking of all the parent volunteers.

We finally got to The U and gathered together with 200 plus other students.

First, the winner of the catapult contest at each school competed against each other by trying to shoot a marshmallow 10 yards into a pie tin. This is Tylar, the winner at Brandon's school.

Then they had other catapult activites.

Next they had to build a tower with straws, paper clips, a rubber band and some blue tape. The tallest tower wins.

Here's Brandon's team off to a fast start.

Their tower got taller...

And taller....

And taller.

Here is another design.

And another.

And yet another. The winning tower was 85" tall.

Next was the fish blitz where, out of clay, they had to design a fish that was either the fastest or the slowest.

Then the fish would be pulled through this tank of water and timed to find the winners (fastest and slowest).

Here is Brandon's team working on their design. They were trying to build the slowest.

And another team's design.

After that was lunch. The best part of the whole day. Mmmm!

Then we just goofed around until the bus came.

Class group photo.

Then we loaded up on the bus and...

went home.


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