Flat Tire Nightmare

O.K. Not so much of a nightmare. It could have been worse. We went to pick up Brandon in Sandy then stopped by IKEA on the way home to buy a duvet cover.


We came out to the van only to find a flat tire. Ughhhhhhh!

I went to pull out my jack to find that we did not have one. We have owned the van for about 3 years and this is the first time we have had a need for it and hadn't noticed that there was no jack when we bought it.


So I called my brother Tam (or Ray Ray as many call him). Not only is he good looking but...


rugged and not scared of getting his hands dirty. But he was 30 minutes away, so while we were waiting for him we....

ate at the IKEA cafe....


and played with toys...


and dressed up.


As you can see, Brandon was thrilled with this. I think the teen is coming out in him.


When Tam got there, we pulled out our spare only to find it was flat. (Remember we haven't had to use it in the three years we have owned the van.)


So we pulled out Tam's spare only to find out it was flat too. Luckily it had just barley enough air to get us to a gas station to pump it up.

Changing a tire is dirty work, but thanks to Uncle Tam we made it out O.K. I went to the tire store the next day and bought new ones. Our car bill this month is really adding up.


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