A Leisurely Weekend With The Gleason Side of the Family

We had family in town this weekend. Usually that means go, go, go. Normally we do things like go to NBA basketball games.

Visit art museums.



Build snowmen.

Go on hay rides.


Ride horses.

And clean. (Yes, the Gleason clan love to clean.)

And eat out. I can't forget that we eat out a lot when we get together.

But this trip grandma (far right) has cancer and grandpa (far left) had a heart attack recently, so we made this get together a leisurely one. We did things like...

Hang out.

Hang out some more.

And hang out even more.

And more.

And more.


We also did other leisurely activities like read.

And read.

More reading.

Even more reading.

And yes, more reading. It was very relaxing.

We also did puzzles.

We had computer leisure time as well. We played solitaire.

And watched "Monk." We watched lot of "Monk."

We also dressed up... like old ladies.

Like pregnant ladies.

Like...um...what ever these guys are.

And spies (cute spies).

We normally eat out a lot but this time we stayed in and cooked...

And cooked.

And cooked.

And cooked (homemade custard).

Of course, once we were done cooking we ate...

And ate.

And ate.

And ate (notice Lily's doll heads sticking above the table. She was feeding them salmon and risotto.)

And ate (jelly beans).

And ate (with stuffed animals).


Some of the things we ate were grilled fresh salmon flown in from Seattle, spinach salad with red onion dressing, and risotto with cauliflower and brie.

Also things like ice cream with all the fixings - including home made fudge and caramel sauce. Yum!

We also played music. On the piano.

On the uke.

Even on the harmonica.

We did some traditional playing.

We broke out the toys.

Ran through the park.

Climbed trees.

Played on jungle gyms.

and rocks.

On the teeter toter.

And just plain old goofing around.

And more goofing around.

So over all it was a very fun and relaxing weekend. Just the way weekends should be.

Oh! And to whoever borrowed my camera and took this picture... I like it. I'm guessing my wife, but we'll see.


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