Where I Hike Bridal Veil Falls and Contemplate Eating Dog

The boys and I went to take Emma for a run at our usual spot in the mountains, but there was a big dump truck and a bunch of orange workers in the way.

We changed plans and went to Bridal Veil Falls. The boys were whimps and said that it was cold out. They stayed in the van.

Emma and I went by ourselves. We walked along this beautiful path.

Looked at this abandoned mine shaft (at least it looks like an old mine shaft).

And watched the river from this bridge.

We finally made it to the falls, which are beautiful, by the way.

On the way back, we walked along the river. Check out those rapids. Perfect for a kayak.

I was tempted to throw Emma in to see if she could survive (such a boy thing to do), but I figured my wife would throw me in the river. If Emma didnt survive, I could BBQ her up. After all, I did eat dog when I lived in Kiribati.

Awe heck! Dog doesnt taste that great anyway. Ice cream is better. We stopped to get some on the way home.

The boys got a small cone in a cup and I got a Kong Cone. Yum!

We then stopped at Simply Mac to see if they had any iPads.

Of course they didnt. Everyone is out. The boys had fun playing with the demo though. We went home and ordered one from Apple.com.

Our last stop was at Costco. McCann has been wanting to buy Fauneil flowers there, so we made sure to do that today. ("I wanna get her this one. Theyre so pretty")

We also bought detergent.

And gas.

Of course, the lines were crazy there, but what do you do? Its part of the Costco experience.

Through out all of our travels, Brandon and I played Slug Bug. He beat me at the first three games and was killing me at the fourth game. I finally got mad and slugged him as hard as I could (even though I didnt see a bug). I lost the only Slug Bug point I had, but it was worth it.


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