Easter Bunny Turns Twelve and I Miss Easter

I had to work at the hospital this weekend, so I missed most of Easter. I got to hide Easter eggs before I left, and I was late for Easter dinner, but I missed everything in-between.

Bet you didn't know the Easter Bunny just turned 12 on St. Patrick's Day. Well he did. I caught this photo of him and helped him hide eggs.

I also snapped a shot of his mom. Looks like the Easter Bunny's mom is a hotty. I'll hide Easter eggs with her anytime.

We hid the eggs in all sorts of tricky places. On benches.

In the rocks.

Under trees.

On window sills.

On slides.

I cleverly hid this one in the grass. The kids will never find it.

I also hid this one on the step.

The Easter Bunny's mom made these baskets.

The kids just loved them.

Time for the hunt.

They were egg hunting maniacs.

I think they found them all. If they didn't, no worries. That is why we have the hunt outside.

This is McCann at the Moultons. We had a scrumptious Easter dinner at their house with the best strawberry shortcake I have ever had for dessert.


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