J. Kirk Richards: Studio Tour

This is my friend and neighbor Kirk Richards with his wife Amy. Kirk is a well known artist in our area, and he had an art show at his home recently. (Notice he is holding his paint brush like in the "American Gothic" painting by Grant Wood.. I have them on the wrongs sides though.

A lot of my other neighbors and friends were there.

Including this cute one here.

This is my friend Emily. I noticed that she and the other women naturally migrated into this room...

The "Mother and Child" Exhibit.

Kirk said for this set of paintings he first bought frames that he liked and the frames inspired the paintings. Notice how the leaf shapes in this frame are mimicked in the art work.

And how in this one, the inner part of the frame is repeated in the mother's cloak.

As a last example, you can see the beads in this frame are repeated in the mother's dress.

There were many pieces in this exhibit that my wife liked, such as...

...this one, titled "The Blue Pacifier."

His other exhibit, in his garage, was titled "Small New Testament Narratives."

"Decent From the Cross"


"Christ and the Fishermen"

"Christ Among the Spirits"

"Lights in the Firmament"

The best thing about going to a show at an artist's home is seeing them in their natural environment.

I learn a lot about a person by looking at their bookshelves.

You can see what is important to them.

And what has influenced them.

I love to look at the architectural aspects of an artists home, because most artists have great taste in design. I love these doors that they recently installed in their dining room.

Kirk made this bench for his wife.

My favorite part of their house are these cabinets in their office.

I also like to see what art an artist chooses to hang in his or her own home.

For example, I would never have expected Kirk to have abstract art.

But he has plenty of it.

Obviously, religious views have a strong effect on his work.

This one shows that as well.

I also like to see what art they own that is not of their own making. (At least I assume Kirk did not make this piece.)

Then there is the simple things to look for like fresh cut flowers.

And believe it or not...sinks. It is hard to see in this photo, but this is actually a simple yet not-so-common sink. I like his sink. (I'm weird, I know.)

Well, we had a great time. Lily really enjoyed the cookies.

If you want to learn more about Kirk, you can visit his website at http://www.jKirkRichards.com


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