What the Purcells Are Really Doing During Church

While in church, do you think we are actually listening to the speakers? (This is one of my alien pictures.)

Oh no, no! That would be asking too much for the Purcells. (This is my failed picture of Prince William).

What we are actually doing is drawing pictures. It's the only way to keep the kids quiet. (My drawing of....well, I don't know what those are.)

What have I learned from this experience? I've learned that aliens are real. No just kidding. (This is another of my alien pics.)

Actually, what I have learned is that church is like life. (McCann drew this picture of a guy).

Just because we are learning about God and things of that nature... (An alien picture by McCann).

...Doesn't mean there won't be any distractions. (Another picture by McCann.)


One thought on “What the Purcells Are Really Doing During Church

  1. I read a children’s book in church yesterday! Due to my recent graduation, brain recovery, and physical fatigue, my brain was literally not able to absorb anything passing the attention span and interest of a 5 year old! It was a VERY cool book though…about the Book of Mormon with cool and funny drawings. Makes me wanna buy it!!!

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