Mother’s Day On Cherry Lane 2011

On Cherry Lane, Mother's Day preparation started early. Lily was drawing a picture.

McCann was watching over the cherry flavored Pop Tarts, one of Fauneil's favorite breakfast treats.

For Mother's Day Breakfast, we had what Fauneil asked for: eggs, bacon, and toast. We surprised her with cherry flavored Pop Tarts, one of her breakfast favorites.

Then we served mom breakfast in bed.

Of course, then the kids wanted to eat in bed too, so I brought in their food.

McCann drew this portrait of Fauneil as his Mother's Day Card.

I didn't don't know what Lily drew here, but it is her Mother's Day card to Fauneil.

The kids also bought her a family sized pack of Oreos, guaranteed to make Fauneil exude happiness.

In addition they got her this People Magazine. It is no secret that she loves this magazine. I am giving Fauneil a day free of kids, but that is coming later.

After they were done eating I cleared their dishes back to the kitchen and got them all apple juice to drink.

(I later found this portrait on my camera while putting together this blog post.)

(And this one.)

(Also, this one.)

I know it's Mother's Day when our dog Emma is on our bed. I NEVER let that happen on any day but Mother's Day. I HATE dog hair. blahhhh!

Then we went to church. Here is Lily in the spring dress that Aunt Jessica bought her. While at church I was thinking...

Zack's mom must be extremely proud of Zack's unique taste in ties. (Zack is on the left, in case you couldn't figure that out.)

And Niel's mother must be proud of his kickin' hair style. I know I would be.

For lunch we had apple, bacon and cheddar grilled open-faced sandwiches. This is one of Fauneil's favorite meals.

Fauneil took a long-needed Mother's Day nap while I kept the kids at bay. (And keeping the kids away from Mom is a hard job. Believe me!)

Next we met family at Great Grandma Purcell's grave.

Lily said a prayer for Great Grandma like she always does.

Then we all headed to Grandma and Grandpa Purcell's for dinner. McCann made sure to play "wheelbarrow" while we were there.

At dinner, McCann was in charge of passing out the lemonade...

...I was in charge of making and serving the cheesecake. Overall, it was a great day.


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