The Monster Dad

The other night I was so fed up with kids that  I lost it.  I started screaming and yelling at Lily and McCann and then they started crying. To say I was sorry, I wrote them this book (in real time as I told it to them). Here it is for you to read and learn.

The Monster Dad by Kaluhiokalani Purcell

Once upon a time, there was a very mean dad.

He had a sweet girl named Lily.

He also had a energetic boy named McCann.

The mean dad always yelled.

He also screamed.

One day, he screamed at Lily and McCann so loud that they cried.

The dad felt sad too when he saw his kids cry.

The Monster Dad said he was sorry, and gave them hugs.

Dads just get tired sometimes and cranky.

He loves his kids.

Your dad loves you Lily and McCann.


5 thoughts on “The Monster Dad

  1. The willingness to keep trying is what we should look for in ourselves, because that’s what Heavenly Father looks for in us. Keep trying; your children will know it.

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