“I’m not growing it back, people, so deal with it. And try to be gracious.” –Fauneil Purcell

My wife shaved her head to support her mother who had cancer. Many of you have read that blog post . If not, you can go to the links below.

My Wife Spits In the Eye of Cancer and Shaves Her Head Bald


Like Mother, Like Daughter. Lily Shaves Her Head.


Before Fauneil shaved her head, she had many reservations. - perhaps similar to what cancer patients feel before loosing their hair. Thoughts like: "What will people think of me?" "Will they look at me strange?" "Will they treat me different than 'normal' people?" It was quite an emotional journey for her.

But once she shaved her head we realized that she has a pretty nice noggin, and looks great with her new short, short hair cut. Plus, although she did get many stares from complete strangers, she also received many compliments because of what she was willing to do to support her mother. But...

...Then she did the unthinkable. After her mom was done with chemo treatments and cancer, Fauneil decided to keep her head shaved. Oh my gosh!

I thought that was great, and that she looks fantastic with a shaved head. Not everyone agreed. Many people came out and voiced their displeasure. Some people, including family, even said things like , "Your head looks ugly"... Interesting.

It was as if she were a punk rocker with crazy make-up, a nose ring and a tatoo on her forehead that said, "Satan LIVES."

Or a Chinese woman smack dab in the middle of a conservative, backward, all-white neighborhood.

Or some psycho-freak that believes she is a bunny rabbit.

She was getting some serious heat about her decision.

But luckily I'm married to one touch chick, who will stand her ground. Maybe someday she will grow her hair back, or maybe she won't. Either way, I'm fine with it.


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