Last Day of School, Famous Jello Dance, and We’re Shocked To Learn That McCann Knows NieNie Dialogues

This is Lily on the way to her last day of school.

The last day of school is not like any other. The parents all get there really early for a big program (in this photo are my neighbors the Meisingers).

I had many other neighbors there, too. Neal and Lee

(Lee had some pretty rad shoes on.)

Bryn and Sam.


Kirk and Amy. (Kirk is a famous artist. You can see his work at www.

This is my neighbor Catherine . Anyway, I think you get the point. I had lots of neighbors there.)

As I was saying earlier, the parents get there early for the program. Many of them bring things to occupy themselves while they are waiting.

The chairs fill up fast.

There are also many people lining the lawn with their picnic blankets.

They also line up in the parking lot on the other side of the lawn.

We don't go there too early, so we didn't get a cushy seat on the chairs or on the grass, but we did get there early enough to get a good spot on the parking lot side.

It was not too soft of a seat, but McCann sprawled out on our blanket anyway.

While we were sitting there, McCann said, "Hey! That's the girl that was in the plane accident!" We looked to our right. It was NieNie of NieNie Dialogues. (How the heck did he know that?) Maybe he was paying attention when we were watching her on Oprah or 20/20. (You can visit her site at

This is also the last time of the year that families can go through the lost and found. (Geesh! That is a LOT of lost stuff.)

This is Lily waiting with classmates for the program to begin.

Finally the program began. We started off with the Pledge of Allegiance.

We all put our hands on our hearts. Parents...

and children.

For over 30 years the program has been the same. It's a tradition that many of our adult neighbors remember doing as kids. It's started off with the kindergarteners doing the Jello Dance.

Lily is in the first grade. Here they are running onto the field so they can do their Chinese Ribbon Dance. The video below is of Lily in the dance. She is in the pink jacket.

There are lots of other dances, but it ends with the 6th graders doing the May Pole Dance.

Then we all headed for the classrooms... say goodbye to the teachers for one last time.


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