We Didn’t See Robert Redford, But We Had a Grand Time: An Evening At Sundance.

Tonight we went up to Sundance.

Not for the film festival, though. We were there just for dinner.(I guess I shouldn't say "just" for dinner. This is Sundance, after all.)

It was a perfect day to be up there.

We ate at the Foundry Grill.

They have a painting I just love. It covers one of their walls. I gawk at it every time we eat there.

Here we are at our table.

Our server was Justin Stewart. He was outstanding.

We ordered our food, which was fabulous, of course. This is Sundance Everything is fabulous. (You can see that wonderful painting in the background.)

The salads were fun.

The soups were better than comfort food.

And their desserts...

Oh my...

Their desserts are...


If we were't in public, I am sure we would have all licked our plates clean.

After dinner we walked around and looked at art.

And also at the hallway full of photographs (that show all the famous people that have been visiting there since the 70's).

Then we strolled the grounds.

This sign said there was a spa up the path, but we never found it.

But we did walk past this beautiful pond.

And the path ran along side this river. The sound of the river was very soothing, as it scurried down the mountain.

We then went to The Library to simmer down and chat with each other.

The library has many old, old books (like the dictionary pictured here) Their collection includes many first editions.

Thank you, Heather and Tyler, for treating us to a fun evening with delicious food, and of course your witty and charming company.


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