The Butterfly Hunt

It was late on a cool spring night that I earned my butterfly net. I was dressed up like Willy Wonka and rowdy when Mom said, "If you calm down before bed and be quiet, I will give you a butterfly net as a prize." My eyes were wide with excitement at the the thought of a beautiful new butterfly net.

Then next day, I woke bright and early to find a shiny orange butterfly net. I said to Dad, “Let’s go hunt butterflies.” Dad looked up. “To catch butterflies you have to be tricky”, he said.

Dad went to the food storage room in the basement, retrieved a Mason jar and we punched holes in the tin lid with a sharp knife. The holes were shaped more like lines than holes. Then, we were off on our hunt.

We first searched the flower gardens of our neighbors.

But we did not find butterflies anywhere.

We did find a gnome, but since we were not looking for gnomes, this did us no good.

Dad lead me to a long field up on the hill above hour house. I heard the "thump, thump" of Downy Woodpecker as we approached.

We didn't see any butterflies, but Dad spotted a large dragon fly, which he would have caught if our dog Emma had not scared it away.

We spotted another dragon fly in the distance. Dad had me hold Emma's collar while he snuck up to the dragon fly. But, Emma wiggled free of my grip and ruined Dad's decent on the insect.

On the way home, Dad finally captured a butterfly on the sidewalk, but it escaped between the rim of Dad's net and the cement before I could get over to him and see it.

We finally went home empty handed, but you know what they say about butterfly hunting: "When you go butterfly hunting, sometimes you catch one, and sometimes you don't."


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