Like the Cat In the Hat, Ethan and Andrew Come Back

One of our very first blog posts was about our friends Ethan and Andrew when they came over to visit.

You may remember that on their last visit we built a compost bin...

Made from-scratch tomato soup.

Made chocolate shakes.

Played bingo.

Looked at toy catalogs.

Went to a 4D movie.

Played miniature golf.

Played on

And played in our backyard.

Well, their mother, Diana, is a museum curator, and had a business trip in California today.

And their father, Joseph, who runs a division of Middleberry Ineteractive ( had some important meetings to attend. So, we were the lucky ones that got to watch Ethan and Andrew for the day. Yipee! Time for a new adventure.

We started off the day by walking Lily to summer school.

Of course we had to stop and look at the ants on the way.

Once we got back to the house, the boys played with Lincoln Logs.

Took turns playing on the iPad (Angry Birds and Tiny Wings were the favorite games.)

Then we found out that Ethan has a birthday in a few days. Oh my gosh! We can't not have a party, if his birthday is in a few days. (That was a double negative, in case you didn't notice. So that means we CAN have a party. Yay!)

We started baking Ethan's birthday cake.

They boys watched Pink Panther while I got the cake into the oven.

Then we went to pick up Lily from school. I had a surprise to tell them. We were going to the Creamery for ice cream.

Horay for ice cream. (Andrew was not that excited though. He wanted a dinosaur, not ice cream. He got over it though.)

We got to the creamery and the kids started making their selections.

NOTE: See the lady in this photo? If you ever see her in a line, don't stand behind her. She is one of those controlling, demanding, annoying customers that you don't want in front of you. (Hope you don't know her.)

Anyway, The Creamery was jam-packed...

So, we went outside to eat.

When we got home, the kids ate lunch. We had my famous spaghetti (infused with carrots and celery to pump some nutrition into those kids.)

Well, actually, Andrew did not like my spaghetti, so I made him a peanut butter sandwich. (Only peanut butter. No jam. No honey. Just peanut butter.)

After lunch, the kids played in the sprinkler, while I blew up balloons and wrapped presents to prepare for Ethan's birthday party.

Our neighbor, Thatcher, joined us for the sprinkler fun, so we invited him to the birthday party. (Here he is showing us how he can lift these weights with just his pinky fingers. )

Then the party began. We started by playing games. Here is Thatch playing Balloon Pop.

The next game we played was Bubble Wrap. We rolled out bubble wrap around the living room, and the kids circled the living room while running and popping it.

Next Ethan opened his presents. He got a new beach towel, book, Jelly Bellys, and Play Doh.

Next Ethan blew out his candles, so we could eat the cake.

(In this photo, Thatcher is explaining that making a wish before you blow out your candles doesn't really work. He knows. He has been doing it for seven years with no results.)

After the party, we went on a butterfly hunt.

The butterflies kept evading us, though. Here the boys are chasing one across a parking lot.

The butterfly hunt was very tiring. We had to go home and eat Otter Pops.

Then the boys just played in the backyard until Joseph came to pick up Ethan and Andrew.

NOTE: Since I dropped my camera in the pool, my iPad is the only thing I have to take photos with. So,I am not to blame for the poor photo quality. Steve Jobs is. He needs to get better cameras on the iPad. We even have an iPad2 and get crap quality. Just sayin'.


13 thoughts on “Like the Cat In the Hat, Ethan and Andrew Come Back

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! It is possible that the boys had even more fun than they told us about? Apparently it is! Ethan told us that today was one of the best days of his life. I can see why.

    Thanks so much for “watching the kids.” I will never use that phrase again to describe what goes on at the Purcell house.


  2. Hi,

    Ethan and Andrew’s uncle here. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this, I really, really liked it. I mourn for your camera, but thanks for doing the best you could with what The Steve provided.

    By the way, I do know that lady that was in line in front of you–she’s our sister! Didn’t Joe tell you? Don’t worry, we know what she’s like and we won’t send her a link to the blog.

    I’m surprised you didn’t have a dinosaur on hand, but for my money I think ice cream is a reasonably good second.

    I was lying about that being our sister. Well, in God’s eyes, she is (that’s what the kids used to say in school; some phrases never get old, and the best ones are also doctrinally accurate). But not in any other sense. I was going to make up a story about how we keep her away from our kids and that’s why Ethan and Andrew didn’t recognize her, but i figured I had stretched credulity enough.

    Anyway–you are completely awesome for giving my nephew a party on the spur of the moment. I want to come to your house on my birthday.


  3. The people I stayed with in California were commenting about how much my boys must miss me and won’t they be glad when I get home. I had to reply that they have been having so much fun that my homecoming will be a big downer since it means the end of the party and back to business as usual, like doing their summer reading and eating their vegetables. Thanks for being such a fun-loving, spontaneous, creative friend!!!

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