Elyfest 2011: Day Two – Service Project At the Drylands, Hike To Black Leaf Falls and a Dance In the Orchard


We started off day two with a huge breakfast.

The Robinson/Campbell crew was in charge. Man do they cook a mean meal.


Of course the wee ones couldn't partake of the yummy food. They had their own meals.


Sean ate more watermelon than everyone else combined.


Even Uncle Ebert couldn't compete.


Besides eating, we got to reunite with family members.


Even family we haven't seen in a long, long time.


We're so glad to see the Ely family here this year.


After all, Elyfest has their name in it.


And they play with my dog. That is a huge bonus.

But the time came when we had to stop loafing around...


Time to hop in the truck and get to work.


For our service project, we went to the dry lands, where the family owns property and...


cleared away rocks.


And more rocks...



And more rocks.


And even more rocks.


George picked up so many rocks that you can practically see the muscles popping through his shirt.


By the time we were done, we had hauled off three truckloads full of rocks. That's a bunch of rocks.


While the truck was dumping a load of rocks, we would chat with other family members.


Wrestled in the grass.

We gave piggy back rides to little kids.


We gave piggy back rides to big kids.


We just goofed around.


Some of us even found time to read.

Of course the princesses of the family don't have to do any work.


If you look closely, you can see the crown on this princess.


This is a picture of Bart. He says the best pictures of him are the blurry ones.



When we got back from the dry lands, it was time for lunch. We ate apples and...


Had sandwhich fixings.


They even had peanut butter and home-grown, made-on-the-farm jam. That is the best kind of jam ever. Mmmmm, mmmmm!


Man! That apple looks delicious.


And that's a mean looking sandwhich.


This weed princess really knows how to put a sandwhich down the hatch.



The best part of lunch was hanging out with the family.


After lunch a bunch of the family drove into the mountains for a hike.


They started hiking a trail.


Then up a stream to a waterfall.


Of course they went swimming there.


They said the water was very cold.


Despite the cold, they all had fun.


I stayed back with the kids. They crammed themselves onto the teeter totter.


Played on the fort in the shelter belt.


Fed and pet the horses.


And ate ice cream.


I busted McCann drinking straight from the water cooler. (Notice I didn't stop him, but took a picture instead.)


For dinner we had taco salads with tortillas.


There was more goofing off.


More hanging out.

And we had root beer floats for dessert.


We then tie-dyed t-shirts.

We had eight colors to chose from. I'll post the results tomorrow.



So as the sun was setting on the Montana barley fields...


We started our dance.


Let the night life begin.


A few side notes: First, I have had several family members threaten my life, as I have been taking pictures. I have only one thing to say, "Back off people. I'm just doing the job I was asigned to do. If you have a problem, take it up with Lori."


Second, this in Sunny. She wants me to let you know that she has been inducted in the prestigious Gleason Private Cup Society.


Her cup is right up front in this photo to prove it.


Third and final thing I want to tell you is that Lily is reading "The Day the World Ended At Little Big Horn." She is quite advanced in her readin g skills.


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