Elyfest 2011: Day Three – Sunrise Service And Lunch In the Orchard

The third day of Elyfest started early – at about 2:00 A.M. It started in the bed you see in this photo (notice the bed is not made up. There is a reason for this). The party quickly moved from here…

...to here.


Yep. We started the day with what we, kindly refer to as the "Gleason Plague." A large chunk of the Gleason clan was throwing up -Some of them spending hours in the bathroom.


OK. Let's move on to a brighter topic. The first "planned" event of Day-Three was a sunrise service in the orchard.


First up was Michiel Heagy.


Last Elyfest she was "handed a ziplock bag containing 51 letters written by Grandma and Grandpa Ely during their courtship." She transcribed those letters and bound them in a book. She spoke to us about their courtship and and things they said in the letters.


"I'm so glad we had this service under the trees that Grandma and Grandpa Ely planted so long ago." --Jim Ely (Uncle Jim said a prayer for the service.)


Everyone was was dressed up in their Sunday attire. The service was beautiful.


After the Sunrise Service, most family members went to church, then we had luch - put on the by the Gleasons (the few of us that were not sick).

There were no other plans.


We just hung out in the orchard.


We ate good food.


Some of us even got snuggly.


Some mushy.


It was nice seeing Bruno out mingling. He can be so quiet sometimes, and this is his first time on the farm and with the family.


We have double cousins in our family. In this photo is one of them. A brother and sister married a sister and brother. Their kids had the same grandparents on both sides. This also means they had the same genes as if they were siblings. .


McCann and Terry were getting restless, so I took them for a ride to go see the dinosaurs (not the real ones. Statues). They weren't very interesed. But Terry was interested in showing me his dance moves. Check them out.


When we came back, Brian had pulled out the horses, so everyone could ride.


We asked our cowgirl cousin for a ride.

It was a lot of fun.

While waiting for his turns, Terry ran through the grass with Emma.


It started getting late. After a short session on the iPad...

Grandmas fed kids.

Daddys fed kids. They resisted, but we finally got them fed and into bed for a little...


...pre-bedtime wrestling.

Then it was time for sleep, sleep, sleep.


Now back to the Gleason Plague for a moment. The sickness wiped out almost half of the Gleason family today. There were fevers, trips to the bathroom and quezzy stomachs all day. Most are feeling better, and we are looking forward to a fantastic 4th of July tomorrow.



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