Elyfest: Day Four – We Puke Our Guts Out And A Hatian Wins Best 4th of July Outfit

Well, it's the fourth day of the family reunion, but it is the second day of "The Plague." This sickness has now spread outside our family group to other family groups at the reunion. So it is no longer called "The Gleason Plague", but the "Elyfest 2011 Plague."

The symptoms include any combination of the following: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or weakness.


In our our family group, 22 out of 25 of us have caught the bug.

In all the other family groups combined, it has only affected five people (so far). If it spreads like it has with our family, there will be a lot more dammage to come.

On to a happier note. Welcome to Choteau, Montana - in my oppinion, home of the country's best 4th of July.

I have always said, "There ain't no 4th of July like a Choteau 4th of July."


We planned our family reunion around the 4th of July here because it is so great. I think this is because it is a small town. Small towns seem to do the 4th of July right.


We always start the day off at the parade.


The parade goes up Main Street...


Then they turn around and come back again.

The kids line up to catch the candy that is being thrown by the parade participants.

Of course, there are a few wee ones that would rather stay close to mom or dad.

I was lucky enough to have the best looking wife at the parade.


Of course, we all were decked out in our patriotic colors.

The Fulbrights won the prize for best patriotic t-shirts.

The Brunos won the prize for best overall patriotic wear (And Jessica is the only American in their whole family. Go figure).


Lizzie won cuttest patriotic t-shirt with her glittery butterfly design.


Heather won for funnest patriotic t-shirt with her I "Heart" America design.


I won the prize for best looking cowboy.

After the parade, we always head to the park for a picnic.

This year we had sloppy joes.

Of course, every year we have Shasta soda pop and red velvet cake.

This year, we started a new tradition of putting your plate on your head while waiting in line.

An old tradition we have is going to the Ice Cream Parlor in Choteau.

The last big event of the day is the rodeo.

Cowboy up! We get lot's of rodeo stars here.


We all love watching the rodeo.

Well that is the end of the 4th of July. It is also the end of Elyfest 2011. Happy birthday America. And to all of you in the Ely Clan, I look forward to seeing you at Elyfest 2014.


In fact, the committee for the next Elyfest has already been chosen, and they started planning during the picnic today. It is the "4 of '64." We have four cousins that were all born in 1964. Their nickname has always been 4 of '64. They are the planning commitee, and they will all turn 50 that year. I overheard them planning themselves a birthday party at the expense of the rest of the family. Should be a great Elyfest. Can't wait!


8 thoughts on “Elyfest: Day Four – We Puke Our Guts Out And A Hatian Wins Best 4th of July Outfit

  1. I have not been to a 4th of July in Choteau for years, but I do remember they put on a great one!! I’m Jealous….

  2. good thing there wasn’t a “cutest kid” contest, that woulda been impossible to judge!! they make a bunch of good looking kids, those Gleasons!!

    • They sure do. Even the ones that aren’t their grandkids by blood. They must just have a cute magnet.

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful time we had viewing your reeview of the Elyfest. Thank you, thank you Luhi! Even in Riverside California I can feel the fun that you had in Fairfield, MT. I try not to think alot about it tho, it makes me cry because I wanted to be with all of you.

    Our love,
    Elder and Sister Robinson and Sister Anna too

    • Sorry to hear that Jackie. Ellen just started throwing up about an hour ago, on the way back from the lake.

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