Hey Brenings, Just Thought I’d Show You What You Missed Out On By Going Home Early (Part I)

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ely's graves.

Emma's doing better. Not a 100%, but much better.

We went up to visit the ranch.

Bruno pretended to know nothing about checkers, then promptly skunked Tyler in a game.

Remember our swimming hole under the bridge? It's full all the way across.

And remember that dry river bed next to where we swam? It's not that dry anymore, as you can see.

Grandpa treated us to dinner at the Log Cabin Cafe.

See, you should have stayed.


6 thoughts on “Hey Brenings, Just Thought I’d Show You What You Missed Out On By Going Home Early (Part I)

  1. Darn, I knew we would miss out on lots of fun. Looks like a very fun day. We would have stayed if we could have stayed. We had to get back though to get Lauren ready for her big trip to New York, and her concert tonight. Hope the plague has ended in Fairfield. Love and miss you all.

  2. Indeed! We miss you all terribly. It is unbelievably quiet here, especially since we have quarantined ourselves to protect our friends (and their freinds, and their friends . . . ) from the Gleason Plague. We came home to cool, cloudy weather. We miss the heat and the sunshine, the view across the drylands, the laughing children, and what Jeff calls the “quirkiness” of the Gleason house. Love and virtual kisses to all,


  3. Hey Luhi, what is “the ranch”? I guess I’m not familiar with it. Does it belong to Uncle Russ and Aunt Mary?

    • Yes. It was built by Russ’ family. Way past Choteau towards the mountains. It’s next to David Letterman’s ranch.

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