Hey Brenings, Just Thought I’d Show You What You Missed Out On By Going Home Early (Part II)

We had quite a lazy morining. We mostly just sat around the house and ate...

Played around...

And got some lovin'. It was a slow and wonderful morning.


In the late morning, we stopped by IGA for some shopping.

We had our list...

and we checked it twice.


We saw a wine named "Zanilla" with a picture of a monster on it. Somehow monster and wine just don't seem to go together.


We then stopped by Cenex.

We looked at plumbing.


And shovels.


Heather fell in love with these leather mittens.

But the real reason we were there was so that Dad could buy ammo, because...


...the boys went to the drylands to shoot guns.

Photo taken by my brother-in-law, Tyler Moulton.

While the boys were out shooting, the girls made strawberry ice cream.

A little homemade rubarb topping and chocolate sauce turns this into mmmmm, mmmmmm heaven.

In the evening, the teenage children (and grandma) watched the kids while the adults went to see a movie at The Roxy in Choteau.


We saw X-Men: First Class. My thoughts? There is more lingerie in that movie than Victoria's Secret.


It was a fun filled day. We arrived home in Fairfield as the sun was hiding behind the hills. I am not looking forward to the end of this vacation.


3 thoughts on “Hey Brenings, Just Thought I’d Show You What You Missed Out On By Going Home Early (Part II)

  1. Hardware store, shooting, homemade ice cream and a movie……you guys are making it hurt now. Sounds like another cherished day on the farm. I am staying until the last person leaves next time.

  2. Good idea, Jeff. Brunos left this morning, and I think they were wishing for another day. I’m sure glad we got to stay as long as we did. Yeah, I had to put in a few work days (via the computer) but we got a ton of time up here.

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