Mini-Vacation Day 2: We Take Flight At the Tracy Aviary

Today is the second day of our mini-vacations. We started off the day with a healthy breakfast of wheat toast, scrambled eggs and peaches.

Then we piled into the van and headed to the Tracy Aviary.

Lily has been very excited for this day, because she LOVES birds. She was really anxious to see if they have owls at the aviary.

Right in the front door are the pelicans.

We were lucky enough to walk in just as this lady was feeding the pelicans some small fish.

The pelicans gathered around. It was cool to see their bottom beak flare out to catch the fish.

Today I asked for two maps, so I didn't have them fighting over the only one (like they did at Hogle Zoo yesterday). I figured, yesterday was the day for them to learn to share, and today was the day for dad to have some peace and quiet. Only problem was they each wanted both of the maps and were fighting to get them. Luckily, after a few threats, they both dropped the issue for the rest of the day.

Right off the bat we noticed all the peacocks that were all over the park.

They were on top of buildings.

On fences...

Next to our picnic benches.

They were all around us. It was very cool. Makes me want to get some for my back yard.

We quickly found what Lily came for. Owl Forest.

Lily made friends with these ladies and was talking owl-talk with them the whole way through.

Did you know some owls eat skunks? Disgusting!

McCann was showing this group of people how to run the "Owl Sound Board."

While in the owl forest, I saw this strange species again. They are just like the one we saw at Hogle Zoo yesterday, but there were three of them.

McCann was collecting feathers throughout the day. He would find a feather and then find the bird that matched. He had a nice collection by the time we went home.

Lily and McCann were hungry early in the day, so we stopped for an 11 A.M. lunch. As you can see, they used their animal sippers from the Hogle Zoo for water bottles today.

There were so many nice places to picnic. People were eating on the picnic benches and on the lawns. It was a grand sight.

We rushed right from lunch to the bird show.

We saw many colorful and fun birds up close. . It was fun.

When McCann saw these birds perched in a tree. He said they looked like flowers. They are very bright.

One great thing about the aviary was the shade. When I read on their website that it was 20 degrees cooler in the aviary, because of all the trees. I had a hard time believing that it would be that much cooler. But it was MUCH cooler there than at Hogle Zoo yesterday. And it was a hotter day today.

When I saw this place from afar, I really wanted to see what it was.

It was very neat inside.

It became McCann's favorite spot. We went back there three times.

All the birds in this exhibit are native to Utah.

Here is a photo taken by McCann.

Here are my birds.

Well, we did many, many more things, but I will not go into that much detail. We had a blast, but that was by no means the end of the day.

The Aviary is in Liberty Park. but also in the park is this gianormous playground.

They have this loooooong set of swings. Probably 30 of them all in a line.

They had many playground sets like this one.

And many old school playground sets, like this one.

They had this water feature.

Lily LOVED that. I jumped in too, because once we left the aviary, it was 20 degrees hotter.

They also had a musical section with xylophone type instruments for the kids to play tunes.

Including this HUGE one.

There were many more parts to this g playground, but my camera battery went dead. Plus, I think I have said enough about it. One last thing I want to say. They have a special section for handicap children. How cool is that?

Well, we finally left the park, but on the way home I saw this car that had "For God's Glory, The Naked Preacher" on the back. That must be a very interesting church to attend.

Once we got home, we cleaned the house and the kids. Like I said in yesterday's post, we don't like mom to come home to a dirty house or kids.

We also made a yummy dinner of hamburgers, potato salad and carrot sticks (with pink lemonade).

We finally picked up mom at the hospital. Yay!

After we got mom home and ate dinner, we went to Mandi and Davey Sandblom's wedding reception.

We saw lots...

And lots...

And lots...

And lots...

And lots of friends.

We loved seeing their smiling faces.

There was lot's of fun and photo taking.

The bride and groom were, of course, beautiful, but the most beautiful thing of all, was ...

That the bride was wearing cowgirl boots. Giddy up!

McCann slept all the way back from the aviary, so I knew it was going to be a long night. I took him to Redbox, and he picked a video to watch. It is now two minutes after midnight. I am finishing this post, then going down stairs and getting that kid and me to sleep. Good night.


One thought on “Mini-Vacation Day 2: We Take Flight At the Tracy Aviary

  1. It was terrific but a good thing to see pictures, too many loose birds. the kids were very nice though. Grandma G.

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