Mini-Vacation Day 4: Pioneer Day Celebrations At Mapelton and On Cherry Lane

We had big plans for today. We were planning to spend all day in the small town of Mapleton at their Pioneer Day celebration, starting with their pancake breakfast at 7:00 A.M.

Then onto their parade at 9:00 and other activities. But...

McCann was exhausted and asleep in bed. Probably from our first three jam-packed days of mini-vacations. I decided to bag the breakfast and the parade and go to Mapleton late.

We ended up just hanging around the house until around noon.

We finally got over to Mapleton Park around 1:00 P.M.

We got our tickets.

And played games.

Won prizes.

Of course the kids had to have cotton candy.

Notice McCann is wearing his "Santa I Believe" pajama top. Must be some sort of Christmas in July thing.

Brandon was exhausted, having just returned from a week long camp out. I should have left him home to rest.

Of course the kids saw these bouncy play houses and had to play on them. I actually hate these.

The reason I hate them is because Lily always wants to play on them, and it breaks my heart to see her much slower and off balance than the other kids. Having Prader Willi Syndrome gives her low muscle tone. She is especially off balance with the soft surface of the bouncy house.

She practically gets run over by other kids. It kills me. Many times she just sits there and watches the other kids run back and forth past her - like in this photo.

She always has a hard time climbing the steps to the slide and sometimes can't make it up. Like I said, it kills me.

McCann, on the other hand does just fine. Never worried about him.

Lily wanted, so bad, to be on the dunk tank. I promised her we would do it on the way out.

She got dunked and was happy as a clam (a wet clam, of course).

Every time we are in Mapleton, we have to stop by the Black's house to say hi.

We swung on their swings.

Played basketball on their hoop.

We had to spend time in their beautiful garden...

And raid their strawberries.


While in the garden, we discovered a quail's nest. Very cool.

Unfortunately,¬†McCann picked one of Hal’s pears before it was ripe. Sorry Hal. He knows better now.

Our last stop, of the day, was the ice cream social our church has every year on Pioneer day. Lot's of homemade ice cream, cookies, dressing up and fun. (In case you are not from Utah, Pioneer day is the day Utah celebrates the settlement of Utah by the first Mormon pioneers.)

Here is a young cowboy on his noble steed.

And a young cowgirl on hers.

Then all the pioneers, cowboys and cowgirls, dudes, and guitar players went home.


8 thoughts on “Mini-Vacation Day 4: Pioneer Day Celebrations At Mapelton and On Cherry Lane

  1. Thanks Luhi for bringing this to my attention. I do recognize these two guys. As I scrolled through the pictures I felt like I was there. I don’t leave home often but when I do I sure miss a lot. Thanks not only for the pictures but your Cherry Lane Diaries. It is on my Favorites list where I can quickly access it for a smile every time.

  2. Wish we could have been there. I would have loved to set beside Lily and watch the activity. We saw aunt Betty yesterday. She thought Lily noticed more things than most people at the rodeo, was very attentive and probably enjoyed it more. Besides, she was able to describe more of it. Go horsey!
    See you soon, probably Friday. Love from Grandpa and Grandma G.

  3. Babe, you are awesome. I love your blog and I love how you always include as many people as you possibly can. And you are the BEST DAD EVER!!

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