Mini-Vacation Day 5: The Vacation From Our Vacation

Just like yesterday, when I went to wake up McCann, it was like trying to wake the dead. I think he is just exhausted from our several days of mini-vacations. That's when I made a choice. I canceled all of our plans for the remaining three days and officially declared it our "Vacation From Our Vacation time." It is our time to rest up from all the fun we've had.

So, I nixed our planned trip to Temple Square and replaced it with a simple, easy, quiet picnic in the mountains.

So we went to church in the morning...

Then had a relaxing little picnic in the mountains.

The kids had mac and cheese and hot dogs.

And Cracker Jacks for a snack.

I had a Sonoran hot dog.

And Greek yogurt with granola for a snack.

We then read stories. Here are the ones we read. Some of my favorites.

After stories, we even took naps.

While we were doing all this, Emma was playing in the river and chasing butterflies.

Speaking of butterflies, we caught one today.

We took it home with us.

We had just walked in the door, when our cousins, the Moultons, asked if we wanted to go on a picnic. We said sure.Why not? A second picnic can't hurt.

Lizzy tried to fish for ducks. It wasn't a successful venture.

This photo by Lizzie Moulton.

When leaving, these fire trucks and police cars were blocking the exit, so I went out the entrance, right next to a police officer who motioned to me and said, "You're exiting out the entrance. You can't do that." When I explained that he was blocking the exit, he felt very stupid.

When we got home, we ended the night with a few sparklers. Our friend Jill joined us.


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