Mini-Vacation Days 6 and 7: We Continue Our Vacation From Our Vacation, Lily Has a Birthday, and I, a Muggle, See Harry Potter 7 Part II For the Second Time

Well, our vacation from our vacation continues. I'm still bent on making this as relaxing as possible. But before we start Mini-Vacation Day 6 and 7, I have some business to handle...

First Item of Business: Our MESSY house. I still can't believe how fast it can go from pristine to dump. I washed the dishes...

While Fauneil vacuumed. Then we both mowed the lawns.

Second Item Of Business: In this photo is my nephew Joseph. He is a huge Harry Potter fan, but on the night of the premier for Harry Potter 7 Part II, He had to go to scout camp. Now that he is back and wants to see it everyone else has already "been there done that" and he can't find anyone to go with him.

So I took matters into my own hands and took him myself. Since he couldn't make the the premier, we made our own premier. Here he is dressed as Scorpius, Malfoy's son.

Here I am dressed up as...well, a wizard of some sort. More importantly, I blasted those annoying Smurfs with the Cruciatus Curse.

So, I got to see Harry Potter 7 Part II for a second time- this time in 3D, and Joseph finally got to see it for the first time. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Finally, we got off on to the last leg of our mini-vacations- camping. Since I am trying to simplify things as much as possible, we just camped out in Grandma and Grandpa Purcell's front yard.

Once camp was set up, I read McCann some stories. More of my favorites.

We weren't too far into our story time when Grandma and Grandpa came home.

We made hamburgers.

And, we hung out on the front porch.

Then we started a small camp fire.

And roasted marshmallows.

Lily likes to eat hers burnt.

As we were gathered around our fire, a storm started brewing. The wind blew and blew and blew. So much, infact, that...

One of the fiberglass rods on my tent snapped and my it got flattened.

We moved the camping trip into grandma's basement.

Lily slept in her tent with Emma.

McCann fell asleep in the spare bedroom. (Yea, I know. We are really roughin' it on this camp out of ours.)

When Lily woke up (Tues. morning), she was eight. Happy Birthday Lily! Grandma gave her some birthday balloons.

Later that day, Grandma and Grandpa (and uncles and aunties) took Lily to Chucky Cheese.

Tam and Paul got their game on...

But Lily pulled out the BIG guns and...

Loaded up on the tickets.

1,313 of them to be exact. (That is a bad number. It is also the house number of of my parents house, who took her. Not sure what to think about that.)

Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Lei, Gina, Paul and Tam for taking her.

While Lily was at Chucky Cheese, I took McCann to get ice cream.

And then to the library to get some books.

Well, that brings us to the end of our mini-vacations. This was our last load, and it is all put away now. Maybe we will do this again (much, much later).


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