FAT BUSTERS: When Sickness and Injury Stomp On Your Exercise Routine

A couple of nights ago, I went to bed sick. Yuck, yuck, yuck! But even worse, it put a short halt on my new exercise routine. (Grrrrr! I hate that!)

But despite my sickness, I can still follow my diet routine. In fact, it is good for my sickness. I still drank two glasses of water in the morning and two at each meal.

I still ate healthy. The next morning for breakfast I had yogurt (portion carbs) and cottage cheese (portion protein).

For lunch I had steamed cut broccoli (portion of veggies), fingerling potatoes (portion of carbs), and since I had no meat I could cook quickly...

I had two hard boiled eggs that were already cooked and in the fridge (portion of protein).

By the afternoon, I was feeling better, so I went into my office at the hospital. I ate dinner at the cafeteria there. I had Hawaiian chicken (portion of protein), steamed broccoli (portion veggies), and rice (portion carbs).

This morning I was anxious to get back to my exercise routine, since I had skipped two days, due to my illness. I chose to jump rope. I figured, I could do it on my back patio and keep an eye on my kids at the same time. BIG mistake, because...

I ended up on the ground writhing in pain. (I guess the high impact of jumping is bad for my back.)

About a month before I started my exercise program, I injured my back, because I bent over with McCann on my shoulders. Stupid I know. I guess my back isn't healed.

So, in a situation like this, I have to deal with a diversion from my normal fitness regimen. First item of importance: heal my back. My whole system will revolve around that first.


1. Set appointment with Dr. Taylor (my family doctor).

2. Research stretches and  exercises to strengthen and heal my back.

3. Research low impact cardio routines that I can do when my back gets strong enough.

Unfortunaly, we will run into road blocks in life - even when it comes to exercise. We just need to work around them (even though it SUCKS!). I will keep you updated you with the progress of my unplanned detour. (Ahhhhh! I'm dying here.)


2 thoughts on “FAT BUSTERS: When Sickness and Injury Stomp On Your Exercise Routine

  1. I suggest mild exercise and two weeks of cleansing — no bad carbs (sugar, sweets, processed flour, etc) or processed meat (bacon, ham, etc). I think you will drop between 8 and 15 lbs. Starting Monday, I’m doing exactly that. If you don’t take me up on my suggestion, I expect to beat you in the weight loss in 2+ weeks. You on for the challenge?

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