I Almost Took McCann, Dressed Like A Homeless Bum, To Back-To-School Night

Tonight was Back-To-School Night at Lily and McCann's Elementary School.

I was about to walk into the school, when I realized that McCann was still dressed in his dirty, hole infested PJs.

Look at the food on his shirt.

And the holes in the knees of his pants.

And worst of all, the hole on the backside of his pants. I'll put up with it at home, but in public? No way. I pulled back out of the parking lot and headed back home.

That's much better. We've been telling McCann, for about a year, that once he starts kindergarten, he has to start wearing regular street clothes. PJs are no longer allowed until after school is over each day. That started today.

McCann wanted me to take this funny face photo.

First stop was to McCann's classroom. His teacher this year is Mrs. Porter.

We picked up his packet.

His teacher gave him a sheet of paper for him to go on a scavenger hunt.

His list said he had to find his coat hook, his cubby, his birthday cake, and the bathroom. Then we had to go back and talk to his teacher.

We found his coat hook.

We found his cubby.

We found his birthday cake (his candle is the one on the left. No wait! The other left. On the right.)

And the bathroom.

They have this way cool soap dispenser.

We then met with his Mrs. Porter...

And signed up to volunteer in his class. Next we headed over to Lily's classroom.

Lily's teacher, this year, is Mrs. Avery. She is our neighbor. We are VERY excited to have her teach Lily.

We met with Mrs. Avery, and learned that Lily will have an iPad to use in class, to help her with the setbacks of her genetic disorder. Mrs. Avery has done a LOT of research on educational apps. We are jazzed about this.

Mrs. Avery told us to look around the room. We found Lily's name card.

And her birthday cupcake.


Lily also met up with her old kindergarten classmate, Lizzie (hope I spelt that right). They will be in the same class this year. Yipeee!

While I signed up to volunteer in Lily's classroom, the kids...

Read alone.

Read with friends.

And, read with Mom.

We ended the evening with McCann dancing on the stage. It was a fun night, and the kids are ready for school.


8 thoughts on “I Almost Took McCann, Dressed Like A Homeless Bum, To Back-To-School Night

    • I don’t know what’s worse, Kathryn. Forgetting your camera like most people, or being in the face of everyone, with a camera, all the time.

  1. This is just too cute! I love the pictures of his pre-back to school attire! Seriously . . . I love the Cherry Lane Diaries! What a great family Purcells, thanks for sharing a little of your life with us. Makes me smile . . . real big! 🙂

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